Saturday, December 6, 2008

Peter Vecsey's feeble hypocrisy

By Rick Morris

When it comes to shameless, self-serving blather, few can top the New York Post's Peter Vecsey. But when he backed the pompous Chuck Barkley, and denounced Lebron James for insufficiently tamping down speculation that he's headed for New York when he can become a free agent in the summer of 201o, he might have reached his all-time peak in hypocrisy. Lebron James is struggling to deal coherently with the constant media speculation about his free agency (speculation which we have repeatedly pointed out here is completely overblown and filled with inaccuracies)? God forbid -- particularly when a hack like, yes, you guessed it, Peter Vecsey, has fanned these flames of idiocy more than anyone:

^ Vecsey amplifies the claims of no-credibility blowhard Jalen Rose that LBJ and Chris Bosh will BOTH come to the Knicks in '10.

^ How about the headline to this Vecsey story about the Knicks' recent trades? "Walsh has flexibility now to go after Lebron in 2010"

^ Here's Vecsey opining on how the Nets are hollowing out 2010 cap space to pursue Lebron.

And there's years of this garbage festering in cyberspace.

Yeah, darn that Lebron James for irresponsibly putting the 2010 talk out there!

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