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2013 NFL Draft insta-analysis Part 2

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

Here are some notes from a chat involving various Media Alliance members as Day 1 of the NFL Draft unfolds.  Participants include FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, FDH Lounge Dignitaries Mike Ptak, Chris Galloway and Paul Pasek, Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen, Raymond Smalley of DOU Productions and Ben Chew of That NBA Lottery Pick and Outside the Boxscore.

Raymond: This is the sixth occasion within thirteen drafts as an NFL Coach Andy Reid has selected an offensive player with his first round selection.  Andy Reid previously selected an offensive lineman in 2004 (Shawn Andrews) and 2011 (Danny Watkins), both of whom were Guards.

Rick: It's great to see a MAC player go #1, and Fisher is a great kid, but he might as well be the poster child for the draft lacking absolute cornerstone players. In a year with real greatness at the top -- like last year, he's Top 5, maybe.

Raymond: Andy Reid also selected an offensive player with his first Philadelphia Eagles selection that was Donovan F&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& McNabb.

Ben: Central Michigan? O Rly?

Russ: Watkins was a horrible pick. Still is...LOL

Ben: Those Jaguars jerseys are so nice!

Raymond: The Jacksonville Jaguars previously drafted an offensive tackle with their first round selection twice. In 2009, the Jaguars selected Eugene Monroe and they used their inaugural first round selection on Tony Boselli.

Ben: Blaine Gabbert is still a starting QB, O RLY?

Rick: What's interesting is that you're now seeing big-time OTs come from schools like Central Michigan as Fisher did and Ryan Clady did from Boise State a few years back. Time was when the only players from mid-majors to go high would be guys who slipped under the radar during recruiting -- think an undersized RB who turned out to be REALLY fast -- but now gems can emerge from all positions at any school towards the top of the draft.

Raymond: @Chris Berman Why does ESPN continually allow you to steal a salary? #FanForum

Raymond: That is a very interesting point Rick. As much as you hear about the SEC, look around at the first round of any of the last ten drafts...

Ben: They supposed to be SEC!

Ben: Of course, the Raiders draft party is at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Raymond: Why are the Raiders where they are? Hold on I just received this text addressing that from someone deep-frying in Hell.

Ben: Here comes a trade...

Jason: I called this $H!T Five hours ago!!!

Rick: Oh, boy. As much as it would pain me as a Browns fan, to see Jason's head explode if the Browns were trading up to 3 to reach for Ziggy almost would have been worth it.

Ben: Hopefully, the Dolphins won't make me cry.

Ben: So many tackles....

Raymond: I think Jason's head exploding under any circumstance is just good comedy.

Ben: Not a terrible reach for Miami, but it depends on what they give up.

Rick: Please tell me that Dion Jordan did not mug Louis Farrakhan for that bow tie.

Ben: God bless my IPad for this epic live commentary.

Jason: Ok. Didn't call that exactly

Raymond: The Miami Dolphins last used their first round selection on a linebacker in 1986. That selection was John Offerdahl of Western Michigan.

Jason: I thought they were trading up for Lane Johnson.

Rick: Smalls, did Berman just refer to New Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly? LOLZ

Raymond: I believe he did. Go Quakers!

Ben: John Offendahl was a quality linebacker.

Ben: If Chip Kelly doesn't pick Geno Smith, #NotSwaggin

Raymond: Oregon has never had a linebacker selected within the first round.

Raymond: Yeah if you were playing Tecmo Bowl while high on furniture polish.

Ben: Nice cowboy hat!

Russ: Eagles went safe.

Jason: Lane Johnson is legit.

Raymond: The Philadelphia Eagles having the option to select Lane Johnson resembles that afternoon Sarah Jessica Parker received the call that Dana Delaney had passed on Sex and the City.

Rick: Very striking that the Dolphins had MUCH bigger needs and could have gotten an excellent edge rushing prospect where they were.

Jason: It was a smart pick. I wish he'd slid so CLE could trade back

Jason: Indeed, Rick. They should've taken Lane Johnson and looked to the OLB later.

Russ: Dolphins haven't done anything smart since the 80's.

Rick: I'm a Fish fan and I'll click "Like" on that, Russ. #FML

Jason: Keep your eyes open for Terron Armstead from Ark Pine Bluff for MIA in the second.

Rick: Chris Berman compares the draft to Legos. I compare it to jamming lawn darts in my eyes listening to him.

Rick: Ben, all I can think watching Barry Sanders is Speed Feels Better!

Chris: Browns better trade down. No Geno Smith.

Paul: Thank you, Lions war room!

Raymond: The Philadelphia Eagles last selected an offensive tackle within the first round in 1998 (William Thomas).

Jason: I went back: Geno Smith is not a terrible idea, but they could trade all the way back into the early 20's and still get him.

Rick: It won't be Milliner. No-brainer pick, monster need. But it never, ever is that for the Browns or Cavs. Watch it be Barkevious or somebody. I'm calling it: they will blow it on taking Milliner.

Raymond: BYU last had a first round selection in 2000. That was 43 year old Rob Morris.

Jason: Barkevious or Geno.

Russ: Browns take JaMarcus Russell.

Raymond: Neither if I were them I would take a box of Qudora meatless chicken patties for this pick.

Mike: Mingo.

Chris: Oh Holy Hell!!!

Jason: No one happier than my wife!!!

Chris: OVERRATED!!!!


Raymond: Da na na na Geaux Tigers!

Rick: Way overrated. And the defensive secondary still sucks nards. But Brother Ptak called it!

Jason: The question is how to get at least one 2nd rounder....

Rick: Jason, rearrange these words any way you like, the meaning is the same: Happening! Ain't! Gonna! #MikeLombardiWorksHereNow

Mike: Sorry Jason cant see it as much as I would like it.

Raymond: The Cleveland Browns last selected a linebacker in 2008. Mingo is the second LSU Linebacker that the Browns have selected. Cleveland selected John Garlington in the second round of the 1968 NFL Draft.

Paul: Clothes don't lie.  LOL

Raymond: I couldn’t be happier with the Browns selection. #Youcanhatemenow

Russ: I wanted the Jets to get Cooper. Guess that's why I adopted the Texans this year. Jets can't even get that right.

Raymond: The Arizona Cardinals last selected an offensive lineman in the first round in 2007. They last selected a guard in the first round when they chose Irv Goode of Kentucky in 1962.

Chris: MINGO
M. I. N. G. O.
and MINGO was his Name-O.

Paul: Milliner passed over again. Maybe injury concerns coming to light?

Russ: Taking a smurf here makes no sense for the Rams.

Russ: "Milliner Island" in New Jersey?

Jason: Milliner to the Jets has been a popular slide in the last 24 hours.

Raymond: I disagree Russ. Taking Katy Perry, the voice of Smurfette, would make perfect sense to me.

Raymond: I am convinced Gruden won the Super Bowl because of the players. He's a moron.

Russ: How is a small receiver logical? A few hits and he'll be injured often.

Jason: It makes the offense more dynamic, he's very good at what he does. This is not DeSean Jackson. Its a good move for them. They still need a deep threat on the outside.

Russ: Good yes, durable, you sure?

Raymond: Tavon Austin is the first West Virginia wide receiver selected since Chris Henry in 2005, a player whose recent performance has made him dead to the Bengals.

Jason: We'll find out about durable....

Russ: Jets: The Final Countdown...(Cue the music)

Raymond: The St. Louis Rams last selected a wideout in the first round of the 1999 NFL Draft. That receiver was Torry Holt.

Russ: The Jets take, Mike Haight, Johnny Lam Jones, Blair Thomas, OUCH!

Russ: Anthony Becht was taken in the first round.

Raymond: Russ the Jets would do better at this pick choosing a Pretty Little Hate Machine (what Rick Morris would call most of the women he has dated recently).

Rick: Not so sure the Rams want to spend a high pick on a player who could easily fit in a Rey Mysterio kids' Halloween costume.

Russ: Jets fans will boo. 100 percent. Guaranteed.

Raymond: Eric Dickerson just tweeted Tavon Austin welcome to the Rams family. Austin evidently tweeted him back dude, I thought you was a Mustang. #WestVirginiaeducation

Jason: Even if it’s Milliner (media's de facto Revis replacement).

Russ: YES.

Rick: So Russ is happy!

Russ: "Milliner Island," that works. Not bad.

Jason: Those boos weren't too bad.

Russ: No, but I heard some.

Raymond: Dee Milliner is the third cornerback which the Jets have drafted in the first round since 2007. This is the second time within three years New York has drafted a former member of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Grege McElroy).

Russ: McElroy, weak-armed QB, yay!

Raymond: Dee smiling like Lacey Chabert when she got that chance to voice Meg on Family Guy.

Rick: Marvin Lewis is praising youth football? I thought he only found aspiring Bengals at juvenile detention halls!

Jason: Sharrif Floyd on the board is absolutely unacceptable!!!

Raymond: I agree as Jason as is the fact that Rick is likely naked and eating moose tracks at this point of the draft.

Raymond: The Tennessee Titans last selected an offensive lineman in the first round when they were the Houston Oilers. Brad Hopkins of Illinois was that choice.

Rick: Actually, I'm about to break out a Choco Taco.

Rick: Guessing that Smalls ate dinner with plenty of "Wikipedia seasoning" based on the "nuggets coming out the other end!"

Jason: (in my Homer donut voice) Ahhhh Choco Taco!

Raymond: Notice he did not deny being nude.

Rick: Oh, I never deny being nude, I thought that was a given!  LOLZ

Ben: Sharrif Floyd, anyone?

Mike: Jon Gruden has not seen a draft pick he doesn't like!!

Raymond: The San Diego Chargers last spent a first round selection on an offensive tackle with their second choice of the 1986 first round. That year, the Lightning Bolts picked James FitzPatrick of USC.

Jason: If Oakland picks Sharrif Floyd, then finally Oakland has pulled off a great first round draft move for the first time I can remember.

Rick: If Oaktown trades this far back to get Floyd, then wowzie.

Ben: Geno Smith?

Jason: Floyd.

Jason: I wouldn't be surprised if Geno Smith falls to the late 20s.

Russ: Jets need pass rusher.

Ben: Geno goes to New York?

Jason: Yeah, but this isn't the place to get him.

Russ: No Geno.

Raymond: The Oakland Raiders last selected a cornerback in the found in 2005 (Fabian Washington). In that same draft, the silver and black also selected a defensive back from Houston (Stanford Routt).

Russ: Houston creates corners.

Mike: Who comes off the board, first Te'o or Geno Smith?

Jason: Carolina Panthers are salivating right now!!!

Ben: Carolina Panthers are salivating right now!!!

Russ: No Teo.

Raymond: DJ Hayden is the twelfth Houston player selected in the first round. He is the first defensive player since Lamar Lathan in 1990.

Jason: Nothing personal to the Jets, but I don't want Tyler Eifert to be a Jet.

Russ: I would!

Rick: He is awesome, Russ. You can have your own Gronk!

Jason: I'm sure you would. But if he does, get rid of Sanchez and Tebow and get a legit QB.

Raymond: Russ are they booing a trade?

Rick: Tebow, maybe, but they're not shedding the Sanchez contract now, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, I'm saying play out 2013 and just let his contract expire.

Russ: Run stopper. Needed.

Ben: Are there any red flags on Floyd?

Jason: I like that pick.

Jason: He's like a quick Warren Sapp on film.

Raymond: Sheldon Richardson is the second time within three seasons the Jets have chosen a defensive tackle in the first round. New York's last selection from Missouri was Brad Smith (2006).

Ben: That's what I thought, Jason.

Jason: Something fishy going on with Floyd.

Jason: Did he get busted for possession last night?

Ben: Star would have been a top 5 pick outside of his medical issues.

Rick: Jason, what'd we say? There's always somebody who slides, often based on how teams are drafting for position. But this is still a huge mystery.

Raymond: This is the first time the Carolina Panthers have taken a defensive tackle in the first round. They previously selected a defensive end on three occasions.

Ben: Jets fan who brought his teddy bear: #MacTheJet

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