Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 NFL Draft insta-analysis Part I

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

Here are some notes from a chat involving various Media Alliance members as Day 1 of the NFL Draft unfolds.  Participants include FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, FDH Lounge Dignitaries Mike Ptak and Paul Pasek, Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen and Raymond Smalley of DOU Productions.

Jason: Geno (Smith) is not a beast. He can throw it a mile and run, but who cares? He's hugely inconsistent. If Geno was Cam Newton, sure, but he's not. As far as strong armed mobile QBs I'd rather see EJ Manuel. I'm not even sure Smith is the #1 QB in a poor QB draft class.  Have you seen Dion Jordan? Now that's a beast.

Jason: I'm going to put this out now so there is no confusion. Call it my preemptive Browns homer take. These five and these five only. Dion Jordan, Sharrif Floyd, Geno Smith, Kenny Vaccaro and Dee Milliner. In that order. Assuming they pick somewhere in the top 12. If they trade back beyond that, I'm open to other possibilities.

Russ: Even with Milliner being the PUP list in the summer?

Rick: Milliner should be back for at least some of camp based on reports. Of more concern is the continuing rumor about acquiring Ryan Mallett from New England, possibly for Jabaal Sheard.

Russ: I think the Browns are getting Smith, the curse of Howie Roseman trying to one-up the Eagles.

Russ: Jets will trade the 9th pick. Won't want to play highly slotted salary.

Rick: Good call on the Browns and Eagles, Russ. It's an unproductive and unprofessional whizzing match that keeps going back and forth between the organizations that diminishes them both. And I'm sure the Jets would like to trade back, but it's going to be so hard this year, because so few players are perceived as worth trading UP for.

Russ: Niners want somebody in top 10 I hear. Not sure who?

Jason: I heard the Niners want Sheldon Richardson are willing to over pay in a trade to go and get him.

Jason: I take that deal yesterday! I don't dislike Milliner for the surgery issue and I'm on the glass half full with that. Milliner, I believe, could play right now. I discount his stock because I'm worried he's more of a hitting, blitzing CB than a shutdown, covering CB. I spent all last night watching these guys and changing my whole opinion of the field.

Raymond: Why wouldn't the Browns select Geno Smith and metaphorically toss Brandon Weeden onto forty-second street from a forty-first floor balcony... They already did the same with Colt McCoy.

Russ: They will take him, Ray.

Raymond: Early nominee for tweet of the night: @pwnteam 1m
It's good to see some fans have left their mom's basement to attend the NFL Draft.

Jason: Well Weeden is much better than McCoy, but that's neither here nor there. The bigger question deals with the puzzle of the draft. If Geno doesn't go to Philly at 4, there really is no reason to believe he will go anywhere in the next 15 picks. So if you want him, trade back. Even if the trade is uneven in the other teams favor. Get a damn 2nd round pick then get Geno and move forward. After A LOT of watching Geno I've come to the conclusion that it would in fact be a good thing, I just hate it at 6.

Rick: Well, Jason, I'm higher on Colt and lower on Weeden than you, but that's no longer neither here nor there. Are you troubled by the pocket presence problems Geno was having later in the year? It's not a promising indication of the capacity to handle NFL game speed.

Raymond: I agree, Jason. Six is casting Will Ferrell in a re-imagination of Dr. Strangelove. As for the Brandon Weeden much better than Colt McCoy, B-Dub certainly did his level best to disprove that last season.

Mike: I'm afraid the browns are going to try and be the smartest guy in the room and make a BIG reach!!!!!

Paul: You guys see the reports that Mingo is wearing Browns colors?

Raymond: Rick, I am troubled with the fact Geno seemed to struggle when a defense was visible opposite his offensive line.

Raymond: Palm Beach Post reporting that the Branden Alberts-to-Miami swap are on life support.

Raymond: Light laughs from the geniuses which are @NotSportsenter

Rick: Well, Paul, Mingo's still covered if the Bengals trade up to draft him! BTW, have you ever typed a search query on Google where it skips over a few letters? I had that when I searched Barkevious a minute ago, it only took the "Bar" and when I kept typing starting with "v," it suggested "bar violence."

Raymond: Rick were you googling LSU Linebacker or asking Jeeves what was my typical Saturday night in Athens?

Raymond: Did I seriously see a pair of Giants fans rocking Arn Anderson's zubaz pants?

Rick: It's likely you did. Also, they're pimping the Super Bowl at the Meadowlands? #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenTheSuperBowlFailsToDrawMorePeopleThanWrestleMania

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