Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 NFL Draft insta-analysis Part 4

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

Here are some notes from a chat involving various Media Alliance members as Day 2 of the NFL Draft unfolds.  Participants include FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, FDH Lounge Dignitaries Mike Ptak, Chris Galloway and Paul Pasek, Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen, Raymond Smalley of DOU Productions and Ben Chew of That NBA Lottery Pick and Outside the Boxscore.

Paul: Here we go!  We have a Mark Brunell signing!

Jason: And Round 2 starts with a depressing pick!  Jonathan Cyprien is on my list of “favorite” players, but it’s sad he has to go to Jacksonville.

Jason: There may not be many teams in love with pass rushers at this point, but there are three significant ones left on the board.

Rick: Jeremiah Trotter is announcing the Eagles pick? Well, it would be very fitting to have Tommy Vardell announce Mike Lombardi’s next pick!

Jason: These teams better hope Geno Smth isn’t as good as he thinks he is.  Talk about a chip on his shoulder.

Rick: Who are the three big pass rushers left, Jason?

Paul: Anybody see the Browns take a flyer on Te’o if he continues to drop?

Rick: Eh, no, Paul.  Oh, wait, it’s Lombardi and Banner? Yeah, very well could be.

Paul: That’s what scares me, Rick. LOL.

Jason: Margus Hunt (SMU), Demontre Moore (Texas A&M), Tank Carradine (Florida State)

Jason: I’d take the Manti Te’O pick in a heartbeat, but no way he makes it to the top of the third.  There are a few teams that need ILB and there aren’t that many that project to be starters.

Jason: Cincinnati: Eddie Lacy watch.

Jason: OK, what the hell? I had Giovani Bernard as my 2nd RB, but wow, this draft is just weird.

Paul: I’m a little surprised Lacy is still here.

Jason: One thing that separates Trent Richardson from Eddie Lacy is that Lacy doesn’t catch the ball as well.  He’s a decent blocker.  With Gio going first, I’m wondering if teams are turned off by him not being an all-purpose back.

Jason: Don’t let Te’O go to SD.

Jason: Dammit!

Rick: Jason, I think that’s why Lacy’s dropping.  Green Bay DESPERATELY needs a RB, but how many offenses is he finesse enough with the evolution of the game?

Russ: Not with the Jets, I hope.

Jason: What the hell is this crap about the Browns trading for Davone Bess? Just reported as officially done.

Rick: Did Trent Dilfer just talk leadership? The same no-talent choad who undermined Charlie Frye when he got beat out for the QB job?

Jason: I like Lacy as a player, I just don’t know where he fits.

Paul: Green Lantern makes the Geno Smith pick.

Jason: Mark Sanchez, before the end of the regular season will be the highest paid backup QB in the league.

Jason: The Jets are slowly putting together a very nice draft.  They pull off one more gem and I might start calling them one of the “big winners.”

Rick: BTW, Jason, hitting the Choco Taco early tonight!

Jason: Best part of last night was bitching about no Choco Taco, then having the Mrs. go out for some groceries and come back with a box of Choco Tacos.

Jason: Tank Carradine.  The rich getting richer.

Rick: LOVE how I’m polluting your eating habits!

Jason: Luckily, there are only four per box.

Jason: Robert Woods….right position, wrong player.

Rick: As I said on our preview show, Jason, I was SO high on Robert Woods a year ago.  As in, “The Browns need to mortgage their entire next five drafts to get him.”  What a difference a year makes.

Jason: Great hands, great body awareness, runs solid routes.  But Buffalo has a rare opportunity to take what they already have and build an explosive team on offense.  He’s a good player, but imagine EJ Manuel, CJ Spiller and a #1 WR with speed.

Russ: Geno could push Tebow out.

Jason: By season’s end, Geno will be the starting QB and they will let Sanchez’s contract expire and Tebow will get traded for an assistant groundskeeper.

Jason: Jonathan Banks and Darrelle Revis is $&cking scary on paper.

Jason: Rich Eisen is already saying things like “Jonathan Banks and Darrelle Revis, someone’s going to have to stop Geno Smith in Week 1….”

Jason: I got 14 picks to wait for my “dream scenario” to happen or not happen.

Rick: And how’s THAT for reshaping the interior of your defense.  Great job, Panthers.

Jason: Very nice….

Rick: I think Larry Centers just caught four short screen passes on his way off the podium.

Paul: And catches, as always, count, Rick!

Jason: I was just going to mention how “my guy in question” needs to fall another 10 spots.  But if you’re Denver and Eddie Lacy or Jonathan Franklin are there, don’t you HAVE TO take him?

Rick: From a purely value perspective, yes.

Jason: I’m more concerned with the probability that Willis McGahee doesn’t have two more seasons in him.  I could’ve waited until the 3rd round, but not if Lacy and Franklin are on the board.

Jason: Gavin Escocar…the last TE worth drafting in the first two days goes off to the Cowboys.  Doesn’t quite make up for yesterday…

Jason: … … … Le’Veon Bell…whew.

Rick: Side question: let’s say McGahee gets three more 1,000+ yard seasons for 11,000+ in the career (unlikely).  Hall of Fame player?  I think he’s got a better-than-decent argument.

Jason: I think he’d get serious consideration, especially considering consistency at three different teams, plus the back story of what happens when you attend the U and try to beat Ohio State in the National Championship game.

Rick: We tend to forget how HORRIBLE that knee injury in the desert was.  That’s a career-ender for a lot of guys; he’s fortunate for the above-average career he’s had.

Jason: There are two teams in the next eight that will make my heart’s ability to beat questionable.

Russ: I haven’t been this excited since the Jets drafted Richard Todd.

Jason: Who is going to go and get Terron Armstead?

Jason: I’m telling you, the Jets are one more gem from a great draft.  One of my remaining “favorites” would definitely qualify.

Jason: Sorry, Rick, there went my sleeper for Cleveland at the top of the 3rd round.

Rick: Well, LaVar Arrington, hopefully you announcing the pick doesn’t jinx David Amerson to be a bust like you were.

Russ: Jason, the Jets had one “gem” draft with Parcells in their entire history.  You are fighting history here.  Maybe you should book passage on that new Titanic ship to test your luck?

Russ: But Arrington was a radio first-rounder…

Russ: Jason, you know the test for any good draft takes 2-3 years.  I know you know this…LOL

Jason: Arrington needs to cut that roided rat tail off.

Rick: That’s a rat tail worthy of a Shittsburgher.

Paul: Some of the substance of the Browns trade for Bess: the teams agreed to swap two picks each in the 2013 NFL Draft, including their fourth-rounders.

Jason: Yeah, but for someone who spends five months a year looking at prospects, I find the “it takes 2-3 years” response to be laziness.  Sure, that’s true, but I can divide a draft into two grades.  The grade you get the Sunday following the draft.  And the re-grade three years down the line.

Jason: Oooooo Jamie Collins…Damn.  Guys like this should not be allowed to go to the Patriots.  Raw as hell, but fierce.

Jason: All right, here comes one of the two teams that worries me.

Rick: What I love about something like this is that we’ve got the chief NFL Draft analyst for the Alliance draft guide bantering with the chief NHL Draft analyst for the Alliance draft guide.  #Brainpower

Jason: All right, Cincy, you’ve pissed me off already in this draft.  Don’t be stupid.

Jason: Cincinnati, you dirty ass sons of $&@ches, what did I tell you?

Jason: Miami just pulled off a miracle for their cause.  Still better have something up their sleeves on LT.  Terron Armstead, maybe?

Chris: Mike Brown is drafting out of his mind.

Rick: It’s been a pretty good week for guys named Mike Brown.

Jason: F both Mike Browns.

Paul: What can Brown do for us redux?

Jason: I’m really $%@&ing pissed about that latest Bengals pick.  My favorite player in the draft.

Jason: Very nice pick for San Francisco.

Jason: I can’t imagine that Houston takes a RB.  And Denver sure needs a pass-rushing DE and there’s only one I can see in this round.  They have to go RB.

Russ: Can the Jets draft a coach?

Rick: Jason, if only the Broncos could already have an explosive pass-rushing force on their roster.  Can’t imagine where they could have had one prior to this …

Jason: DJ Swearinger – I was hoping he would be there for Cleveland in the 3rd.

Jason: Yeah, Fax-Gate was a son of a gun.

Jason: Deion Sanders: “Can somebody please pick the Honey Badger?”  Cleveland…?  CB is getting thin fast…Worth the risk?

Jason: Jonathan Franklin…PLEASE!

Chris: He is, but you would have to drug-test him every week.

Jason: Montee Ball…?  I’ll take that.

Rick: I think Cleveland would be fine for the Badge.  They’ve done a pretty good job of sweeping the fake week out of gas station convenience stores.  #OrSoIHaveBeenTold

Jason: I’d be fine with that.

Chris: Ball is a little small and likely to get mugged.

Jason: Mathieu is the one guy in this draft regardless of position where his size doesn’t imply a lack of physicality or frailty.  He would hold his own against even the biggest and strongest in the league.

Chris: The Badge has to know wherever he goes, they will have major stipulations in his contract.  And the Browns need a corner who can ball badly.  They have to take the chance.

Jason: Oh, OK.  5’10”, 215?  I’m not terribly worried.  Unless there was something in the game film that I missed.

Rick: The Badge in C-Town?  What’s the worst that could happen?  Sincerely, Kevin Mackey and Don Rogers.

Jason: What’s the worst that can happen?  Getting out of this draft with a corner that doesn’t project to a starter or even the #1 nickel.

Rick: Which is exactly why I was screaming down the aholes in this town backing the front office for neglecting CB.  There’s no telling that you’re going to recover in the 3rd round.

Rick: And right now, the immortal Buster Skrine would be the #2 CB.  Not only should he not be that, you don’t even want him playing cornerback.  As the saying goes, I’d rather LISTEN to Nickelback than watch him try to play it.

Jason: I watched the Banner/Chud presser last night.  Banner said, “If there’s a guy who’s a long-term solution, we’ll consider taking him.  If not, we won’t.”  That’s in response to the question of whether they’ll pick a corner somewhere in the remaining rounds of the draft.

Jason: Skrine is horrible.  I’ve never seen that guy make a play.  I have seen him get burned OFTEN.  He’s terrible.  I’d take Mathieu, play him at the #2 and then see how the 2014 landscape looks.

Jason: GB should take Jonathan Franklin, he fits too well.

Jason: Eddie Lacy, wow.

Rick: Unbeevable that Green Bay gets him a full round lower than some projections.  Still don’t know how someone who looks mostly like a move-the-chains guy on Sundays fits in on that dome-style offense.  At least he doesn’t suck, though, like all their other RBs.

Jason: Yeah, Franklin is that perfect blend of inside running, outside running, pass blocking and pass catching. He would've been a better fit. Maybe they just wanted a guy to give them four yards per between the tackles on an occasional 1st or 2nd down.

Paul: They needed some kind of upgrade.

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