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2013 NFL Draft insta-analysis Part 5

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

Here are some notes from a chat involving various Media Alliance members as Day 2 of the NFL Draft unfolds.  Participants include FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, FDH Lounge Dignitaries Mike Ptak, Chris Galloway and Paul Pasek, Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen, Raymond Smalley of DOU Productions and Ben Chew of That NBA Lottery Pick and Outside the Boxscore.

Chris: Honey Badger. Come on.... heck our owner will go to prison before he will...

Rick: Jimmy Haslem can get a cellmate! #UGotAPurdyMouth

Jason: I need to see Da'Rick Rogers go off the board soon. I'd like to see him in Cleveland or Denver but it's a luxury.

Jason: Rick Morris' famed hashtags ladies and gentlemen. Second to absolutely none.

Paul: OK, guys, what will the Browns do here?

Chris: Maybe safety?

Chris: Damned commercial!

Paul: Honey Badger?  QB?

Chris: QB makes no sense … yet.

Rick: Tyler Bray.  It’s Ownah Jimmeh’s last wish before he gets frog-marched to the pen.

Chris: Rambo?

Jason: My list of notables worthy of the 3rd round…


Matt Barkley

Mike Glennon

Ryan Nassib

Tyler Bray

Tyler Wilson


Marcus Lattimore

Johnathan Franklin

Joseph Randle

Andre Ellington

Stepfan Taylor


Keenan Allen

Da'Rick Rogers

Quinton Patton

Terrence Williams

Markus Wheaton

Stedman Bailey




Terron Armstead

Dallas Thomas

Barrett Jones

Brennan Williams


Damontre Moore

Jesse Williams

Alex Okafor

John Jenkins

Sam Montgomery

Corey Lemonier

Michael Buchanan


Khaseem Greene

Chase Thomas

Kevin Reddick


Bacarri Rambo

Shamarko Thomas

TJ McDonald

JJ Wilcox

Shawn Williams

Robert Lester


Tyrann Mathieu

BW Webb

Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Leon McFadden

Jason: Bacarri Rambo would be a decent consolation prize to no Honey Badger.

Chris: Seems a little high for McFadden.

Jason: Yeah, there we go Leon McFadden! Short, no long speed, awesome. #writtensarcasm

Chris: I thought him a 5th rounder.  Disappointing.

Rick: As a Clevelander, I’d be less disappointed with MOUSE McFadden. #AmiriteGuys

Paul: And there goes the Badger.

Russ: As a Clevelander, be disappointed with Lake Erie.  Could be a lot cleaner.

Jason: Nothing like picking the wrong player at a position, then seeing the right player at the same position go one pick later. *facepalm*

Rick: A complete non sequitur, but I completely agree, Russ. Having done inntertubing out there, you don't wants to get that in your mouth. #RawFecals

Paul: Maybe the Browns thought he had too much baggage?

Rick: Clearly that's the case.

Jason: They have mentioned many times leading up to this draft, that they were looking for good character men to play on their football team. I'm starting to get fed up with passing on play makers because they don't volunteer at the VFW.

Paul: Restart Sam's Inner Circle!

Rick: Jason, can you under any circumstances see the likes of Joe Banner introducing him at a press conference? And Paul, it sure worked for Charles White. #OrNot

Paul: When's Cleveland's next pick?

Russ: 2015.

Rick: Not until the great ball of fire RISES again in the sky, Paul.

Jason: No, but it’s easy.  “The kid makes plays, period.  And now, here’s Tyrann Mathieu…”

Chris: So annoyed by this team.

Jason: Tomorrow, Paul, I think.  14th in the 4th.

Paul: Wait, did they just say the Badger is dating a daughter of the AZ staff?  Nice.

Rick: Chris, it’s easier if you see it coming.  Fitting after yesterday’s Grand Opening, for the Browns, I have “the bigotry of soft expectations.”

Paul: Thanks, guys.  I wsn’t sure with the Miami trade and all.

Russ: Jets took a retired NBA player?  A Bobcats assistant coach.

Paul: The Badger is breaking down on live TV.

Jason: Glennon.  Nice.  All that BS about Ryan Nassib…

Rick: Geez, Richard Nixon in his “last press conference showed better composure than Badge.

Jason: Damontre Moore’s fall is impressive.

Paul: With the next pick in the draft, Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Russ: Hey, the Jets had Wahoo McDaniel on their SB-winning squad.

Jason: Did she just say, “In the NFL’s 213th draft…”

Paul: Yes she did.

Rick: 213th NFL Draft? Really, sweetie? I know you're probably a war hero and that I look like Uber Heel for saying this, but c'mon.

Rick: Paul, if the Browns had been on the clock, the pick would have been Corporal Kirchner.

Paul: She shouldn’t get nervous speaking at an NFL Draft.

Paul: Wow, ALS is a bitch.

Rick: ALS sucks balls.  That is one of THE worst ways to go.  God Bless Steve Gleason.

Rick: How do you segue back to talking football? Just go to commercial, ESPN.

Jason: ESPN sucks. NFL Network needs to be part of the basic package for every carrier.

Russ: NFL Network was showing ESPN here yesterday.

Rick: Fair warning during commercials: any airline that subjects me to Fun risks losing my business permanently. #NoLieYo

Rick: WHOA WHOA WHOA! Is ESPN implying Tampa wanted Carson Palmer to replace Josh Freeman? That's like replacing warm soda with poop.

Russ: The Mets have failed to score on Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Rick: They have that in common with my Browns, Russ.

Jason: Well, there goes my last-ditch hope for Denver to get top talent mid-free fall.  Damontre Moore to NYG.

Jason: I don't hate that Denver pick of Kayvon Webster, but I would have gone Jesse Williams or Alex Okafor. Much better value based on need.

Jason: 14th overall in the 4th round NEEDS TO BE Bacarri Rambo.

Jason: STEDMAN BAILEY to STL ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! 1600 yds and 25 TDs on a team where he played second fiddle to Tavon Austin. And now he goes to the team that drafted...TAVON AUSTIN.

Rick: It's obligatory to pick a dark horse to make the playoffs every year. Sant Louie already was mine.

Jason: Bradford, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens, and Brian Quick. Quick, the only one of which is over 6' tall. All of whom have very good to elite speed. Now they just need to draft Marcus Lattimore or Jonathan Franklin and they will be the most explosive offense on paper. The rest of it is up to the players.

Jason: Yeah, KC picks another RB. I was on board until that one.

Jason: Someone in the Running Back category is going to score HUGE!!! Franklin, my #3 back and Lattimore #4 (#1 if you look past the injuries) are still on the board going into Day 3.

Rick: Knile's got upside, though. He was very highly regarded 1-2 years ago.

Jason: Yes, but Lattimore has the ability to be a top 5 back at the next level. If you can give him the time to rehab.

Rick: I don't disagree with the upside, but it's too soon to tell if we're talking about Willis McGahee/Adrian Peterson in terms of recovery or Robert Edwards.

Jason: True.

Jason: Best available draft prospects going into day 3 of the NFL Draft. (NFL Network, I see your top 10 best available and laugh...out loud)

QB Matt Barkley USC

QB Ryan Nassib Syracuse

RB Marcus Lattimore S. Carolina

OLB Cornelius Washington Georgia

NT Jesse Williams Alabama

WR Da'Rick Rogers Tennessee Tech

RB Johnathan Franklin UCLA

S Bacarri Rambo Georgia

WR Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech

DE Alex Okafor Texas

OT David Bakhtiari Colorado

CB BW Webb Williams & Mary

OLB Khaseem Greene Rutgers

CB Jordan Poyer Oregon St

S Shamarko Thomas Syracuse

OT Xavier Nixon Florida

QB Tyler Bray Tennessee

C Barrett Jones Alabama

RB Joseph Randle Oklahoma St

RB Andre Ellington Clemson

ILB Kevin Reddick UNC

QB Tyler Wilson Arkansas

WR Kenny Stills Oklahoma

CB Tharold Simon LSU

OLB Chase Thomas Stanford

QB Zac Dysert Miami (OH)

RB Stepfan Taylor Stanford

WR Ryan Swope Texas A&M

S Robert Lester Alabama

OG David Quessenberry San Jose St

WR Denard Robinson Michigan

RB Kenjon Barner Oregon

RB Cierre Wood Notre Dame

OT Ricky Wagner Wisconsin

DE William Gholston Michigan St

RB Theo Riddick Notre Dame

CB Terry Hawthorne Illinois

DE Joe Kruger Utah

RB Rex Burkhead Wisconsin

CB Josh Johnson Purdue

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