Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 NFL Draft insta-analysis Part 7

By The 21st Century Media Alliance

Here are some notes from a chat involving various Media Alliance members as Day 3 of the NFL Draft unfolds.  Participants include FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris, FDH Lounge Dignitaries Mike Ptak, Chris Galloway and Paul Pasek, Sportsology proprietor Russ Cohen, Raymond Smalley of DOU Productions and Ben Chew of That NBA Lottery Pick and Outside the Boxscore.

Paul: No Rambo for the Browns. Sgt. Slaughter instead. Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Jason: Don't hate the Slaughter pick actually.

Paul: That’s encouraging.

Mike: I would have rather drafted Webster Slaughter.

Paul: Pats just traded for Blount. Interesting....

Jason: Wait, "no one talks to me that way--punch" Blount?

Rick: The very same. Yet another Belichick bad boy reclamation project attempt.

Jason: For the Bucs?!?! They have the best secondary in the NFL today!

Jason: Nick Moody would have been a fun project at safety if he could drop 15-20 lbs.

Jason: Jets draft a DT and will make him a guard.

Rick: Last players remaining on Jason Jones Top 75 Overall: Rambo (52), Ellington (53), Lester (57) and Bray (68).

Jason: Here's an "in real time" look at best available, about 2 per position.

QB-Tyler Bray
QB-Zac Dysert
RB-Andre Ellington
RB-Cierre Wood
WR-Da'Rick Rogers
WR-Marquess Wilson
OT-Xavier Nixon
OG-Alvin Bailey
DT-Everett Dawkins
NT-Kwame Geathers
DE-Michael Buchanan
DE-Joe Kruger
OLB-Cornelius Washington
OLB-Chase Thomas
ILB-Kevin Reddick
ILB-Michael Mauti
SS-Bacarri Rambo
FS-Tony Jefferson
FS-Robert Lester
CB-Jordan Poyer
CB-Josh Johnson

Jason: The Arizona Cardinals are doing things. Every pick has been a good one.

Jason: I can't believe it took this long for Cornelius Washington to come off.

Rick: Pair up Barkevious with Donkey Teeth! #EastWestCollegeBowl

Russ: Arizona will continue to underwhelm.

Jason: That Key & Peele bit never gets old. And how bout that Dan Smith ...?

Rick: Dan Smith doesn't seem to have the same athleticism as everyone else. Can't quite put my finger on why.  LOLZ

Ken: What’s the Browns’ next selection?

Rick: Make it Tyler Bray, baby!

Chris: Agree on Bray.

Rick: Granted, at this point it's selfishness for my keeper league fantasy football team as much as anything else, but it's great value at this point.

Rick: Armonty Bryant. A Scout Special! Granted, I don't know what Ken thinks of him, but an under-the-radar guy, to be sure.

Jason: Mayock "loves" him. That's a step in the right direction.

Rick: BTW, Greg Cosell really likes Leon McFadden. That is mellowing me on the pick somewhat.

Chris: I also like the Duke QB because he is smart. That's the question mark I have on Bray - not sure how smart he is.

Jason: Bray's got motivation and work ethic issues. I love his talent, though.

Jason: Hey Ken, Michael Buchanan is still out there.

Rick: And the Giants get the ABSOLUTE FLAT-OUT STEAL of the 7th round with OG Eric Herman. I had a note about where he went to school, but it escapes me at the moment ...

Rick: And the Browns take OT Garrett Gilkey, a ginger who once had heart surgery. There may be other details about him, but somehow, those seem the most relevant.

Chris: Herman is a future HoF'er.

Rick: Absolutely, Chris, I had a feeling you would share my enthusiasm for that pick.

Jason: I don't expect everyone to agree with me or even to see what I see. BUT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!! SOMEBODY PICK Da'Rick Rogers!!!!!

Chris: I hear he is a poor man's Greg Little.


Jason: Bull S***. I will refer you to the comments from 4 hours ago.

" Big difference is Rogers, unlike Little, catches everything in his receiving radius. They are similarly strong. Rogers is faster. Rogers runs better routes. Rogers has a competitive attitude that Little has never shown. Rogers is a blue-chipper with baggage. It’s the baggage part that brings me back to reality. They won't draft him for that reason alone. With that said, I don't dislike Little. I just don't see him as a long-term solution alongside Josh Gordon."

Jason: Does ESPN have a "Stump the Truck" segment? Didn't think so.

Rick: And so we end the day with two players in Jason's Top 75 undrafted, Tyler Bray and Robert Lester, although the Panthers have already swooped in to sign him as a free agent. Justice Cunningham is your Mr. Irrelevant for 2013.

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