Monday, April 22, 2013


By Rick Morris, The FDH Lounge, Sportsology, 1st Down Scouting and other major forces in The 21st Century Media Alliance have come together to publish PRO FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2013.  Here’s what’s inside:

Page 1: Pro Football Draft Overview
Page 2: First Look Ahead to 2014 Pro Football Draft, QB Rankings, OT Rankings, OG Rankings
Page 3: Draft Priorities By Team, Strength of Positions in Draft
Page 4: RB Rankings, WR Rankings, Draft Play-Along Game
Page 5: 2012 Fantasy Football UQB Rankings
Page 6: TE Rankings, C Rankings, 2013 Rookie Class Fantasy Analysis
Page 7: 4-3 DE Rankings, 3-4 DE Rankings, Jason Jones 25 Key Notes About The Draft
Page 8: LB Rankings (Outside 4-3, Outside 3-4 and Inside), Links to Top Prospect Highlight Videos, Top 10 Team Rankings Heading Into NFL Draft
Page 9: S Rankings, CB Rankings, Blank Draft Tracking Worksheet
Page 10: 4-3 DT Rankings, Nose Tackle Rankings, Why Value Matters in Fantasy & Pro Sports Drafts
Page 11: Jason Jones Mock Draft, Rick Morris Mock Draft, Jason Jones Possible Trade Scenarios
Page 12: Top 75 Players Overall, Best & Market Value
Page 13: Why QB Value Continues to Diminish
Page 14: Jason Jones’ “First-Round Pedigree” & “If Injury & Off-Field Concerns Didn’t Exist” Teams, The FDH Lounge 25 Most-Anticipated NFL Games of 2013 Season

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