Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Call me crazy, I'm not that excited for the beginning of the NFL season

By Ben Chew

This seems odd, but also strangely familiar at the same time. My inaugural post to The FDH Lounge is about the National Football League, and in a way it's not what I suspected it to be about.

The NFL season is only one day away with the beginning of the season starting with the world champion New York Giants taking on the Washington Redskins. After the unenviable task of trying to top one of the best Super Bowls of all time, it seems to me in my personal opinion that I feel less than falling-out-of-my-chair urgency for the season to begin.

Sure, there's an impeccable amount of storylines -- from our very own Cleveland Browns possibly turning in a playoff season -- to the Dallas Cowboys "Hard Knocks" -- to New England's 16-oh crap -- to some guy playing for the other team in New York named "Favor."

However, why do I feel some sort of emptiness for this upcoming season? Hell, I'll even quote myself on this, "I was more excited to see if Jessica Price made it to the top 20 on America's Got Talent than for the beginning of the NFL season." (For any of you that care, she did and, of course, thanks to my plethora of votes.)

Some of you may ask, why does SportsTalkNetwork's AM Mayhem co-host and Sports Update guy feel the lack of excitement for the NFL season? Well in my opinion, it can be a combination of a lot of things, but it seems to me that now sports have shifted from an escape to be something to escape from.

My life has become almost an immersion into the realm of sports, and, albeit it is a kickass J-O-B -- it is much like chocolate cake. You can eat a lot of it but, eventually, you will get sick of it from time to time and have to stop to try the other desserts.

However, much like STN's J Rock says, "Don't get it twisted." I will be watching the games and enjoying the glory of the NFL season to begin. However, if you ask me if I will be rooting harder for the Cleveland Browns to make the playoffs or for Jessica Price to win America's Got Talent, I might have to side with Jessica on this one.

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