Sunday, September 14, 2008

So sick of excuses, Ohio State

by Ben Chew

Well fans, if you were to describe the brilliance of the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Trojans of USC, many of you would describe it in expletives or the few choice words for the man in the sweater-vest.

However, I was live-blogging on a college football site and after the amount of crude jokes, an astute reader commented, “What excuse will Ohio State use for this debacle?” After awhile, I thought to myself, “Why should any team have the ability to make an excuse for themselves regarding a game or play?”

Just like Ne-Yo was quoted in his song So Sick, “He was so sick of love songs,” and in the spin of things, I am so sick of excuses. Albeit, Ohio State was sans Beanie Wells, it seems to me that many of the Big Ten backers will spin that as the major reason. Sure, that may have counted if the game was close but it wasn’t.

Ohio State fans also account for the extra week off for the USC Trojans as a possible excuse, but honestly, wouldn’t that just hinder the Trojans since they had the week off and didn’t play a game?

I’m not specifically calling out Ohio State fans, but all fans in general, stop making excuses for your favorite team. If that receiver drops a key touchdown that would have won the game, don’t say that was the reason why you excuse your team from losing that game.

In the grand scheme of things, there were probably many reasons why your team wasn’t able to pull out the victory. If you're a fan making excuses for your team, stop doing it. Unless you have the brilliance to build a time machine and go correct it, what is the point of making excuses?

In the end, you will probably be looked upon as having true pride for your team and understanding the brilliant possibility that the stars were not aligned for your team and you can’t always be perfect. (Well, unless you're Jessica Price, but that is another story for another post.)

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