Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Jane's Geopolitical Roundup

By Rick Morris

Jane's Information Group has some of the best intelligence in the world at its fingertips. On matters ranging from military to security to weaponry and beyond, the staff at Jane's provides top-notch information to its subscribers and probably runs rings around our frequently inept CIA much of the time.The site includes free excerpts of its material in many different categories. From time to time here at The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine, we will link directly to their outstanding material on many subjects and allow those of you who are very much concerned with geopolitics and the world around us to keep up on important matters.

In addition to the material below, we refer you to the January, February, March, April, May, June/July and August installments of this series. NOTE: While the links look a little goofy in terms of inconsistent pigmentation, they are all completely functioning.


ITAR is 'not something to be scared of', says US specialist

Flashpoint Georgia

Philippine fighting ends, but peace process under threat

2008 sees subdued M&A activity

Afghanistan seeks funding to increase army strength

US Navy overcomes BAMS UAS protest

Knockout blow: torpedoes primed to deliver a heavyweight punch

Analysis: Russian budget suffers corrosive effects of inflation



Peru's law of the jungle provokes tribal gathering

Russia calls a halt to military operations against Georgia

Georgia launches major assault on South Ossetia



Raman spectroscopy portends well for standoff explosives detection

Qantas warns LAX on lack of VLA gates

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