Tuesday, September 2, 2008

O.J. Did It, Bonds was on 'roids, and Olbermann is Biased

By Tony Mazur

To keep an open mind, I watched the coverage from the Democratic National Convention last week. I viewed Obama's "heartfelt" speech with tears of boredom streaming down my face. I even tuned into the traditionally liberal-sided telecasts live from Denver, against my better judgment. The self-proclaimed King of MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, was live at the DNC, proudly sporting his "I'm better than you" demeanor and his suit that was last worn by Al Capone during the St. Valentine's Day massacre.

Fast forward one week. Is Keith Olbermann broadcasting live at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota?

Of course not. As I'm watching Countdown, Olbermann is currently sitting in his cushy chair at the NBC Studios in the Big Apple. I'm sure he had a ton of things to do and wasn't able to make it to the Land of 10,000 Lakes this week.

I called this.

Media outlets went berserk a week ago during the DNC. All of our "favorite" network television shows were postponed in favor of convention coverage. But I said a week ago that some of the liberal-biased news outlets will "apologize" for not broadcasting live from the RNC, instead sending people out to the Gulf Coast to report on Hurricane Gustav, praying for another Katrina disaster.

And it just so happens that our favorite whipping boy, Keith Olbermann, is in the forefront of my lashings towards the media.

Whether Olbermann's bosses kept him in New York to refrain from his usual criticism towards the Bush administration, or if Olbermann chose to stay behind, it is still bush league journalism. Olbermann, Jon Stewart, radio show hosts, and internet bloggers are quick to accuse Fox News as having a right wing bias. And even if that were the case, at least Fox had all of their correspondents at the Democratic National Convention.

Keith, just go away. Go back to Fox Sports. Chris Rose needs another degenerate to surround himself with on that unwatchable Best Damn Sports Show, Period.

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