Monday, September 1, 2008

Joe Biden provokes Mideast war

By Rick Morris

At a time when Democrats and their sympathizers are using every tactic they can to make the "Sarah Palin is untested and dangerous" meme stick, they have now demonstrated the reverse to be true. With an Israel/Iran standoff growing ever more tense over the mullahcracy's determination to obtain and use nukes against the Jewish state, Joe Biden has now told the Israelis that they will just have to live with a nuclear Iran.

Israel, of course, will not do anything of the sort and reports have floated around ever since Barack Obama became the prohibitive Democratic presidential front-runner that Israel would not wait for an appeasement-oriented Obama Administration to give Tehran the thumbs-up -- the Israelis would preemptively launch attacks which could escalate into a nuclear conflagration quickly. So now this tinderbox, which holds the world's security and energy needs in the balance, has just had a flaming cigarette butt thrown into it by the bumbling Biden. The only way out for Obama politically would make the situation even worse -- that is, if he were to backtrack and give Israel reckless assurances about specific US actions in the event of Iran getting the bomb. In a situation that calls for deft diplomacy and cunning card-playing, these Amateur Hour diplo-wannabees have all but insured a bloody and potentially catastrophic Middle Eastern war by the end of the year.

Remember that when the Obama team and his moonbats in the blogosphere attack McCain/Palin on issues of security.

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