Sunday, September 28, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #36: September 28, 2008

By Rick Morris

On this Sunday night’s 36th edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on (8-11 PM EDT), the show with the widest variety of content anywhere proves it yet again as we return from a brief hiatus.

After The Dignitaries of The Lounge make their Opening Statements, we delve into Part One of The FDH Lounge Pigskin Report as we break down a shocking weekend in college football. Then, Don La Greca of ESPN 1050 AM in New York joins us to talk about the subjects he covers on terrestrial radio (New York Jets, New York Rangers) and he’ll help us break down the coming hockey season by drawing upon his present broadcast work for’s “NHL Live.” The remainder of Hour One will be filled with Part Two of The Pigskin Report as we turn our attention to the pros.

In Hour Two, Ken Palmer of’s Giant Insider comes on to talk all things Super Bowl Champion. Did Eli Manning turn a permanent corner late last year? What’s the deal with Plex Burress? Can the team continue to thrive even in the absence of both of last year’s bookend pass rushers? We’ll hit all that and much more. From there, we examine the coming baseball postseason in detail. Whether or not all of the first-round matchups are known by then, we’ll still break down the possibilities and some tasty potential later clashes that we could see. Joining us will be our good friend Russ Cohen of Baseballology.

Hour Three is where your Dignitaries break down a very confusing world for you. First, we review all of the fast-breaking developments in presidential politics five weeks out from what could be the most consequential election of our lifetime. You never know what you’re going to hear on this program, as Dignitary Chris Galloway talked about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a potential future political superstar on the very first episode of The Lounge on January 14, 2007. Certainly, everyone will have thoughts about everything that has happened since we came before you last: the vice-presidential selections, the conventions, the first debate … and Joe Biden’s gaffe-a-day pace out on the campaign trail. Can he restrain himself from saying, “Nice outfit, toots!” at the VP debate this week? We shall see. Towards the end of the hour, we’ll put the Wall Street debacle in easy-to-understand terms as far as how we got here and what needs to be done, not just in the short-term future but also down the road.

Be sure to tune in at 8 PM EDT on STN for the program that looks at every facet of the world that you care about: The FDH Lounge – accept no substitutes!

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