Monday, September 1, 2008

The left smears Palin's family -- no surprise here

By Rick Morris

Fair game. That's what Sarah Palin's underage daughter is to the scumsucking leeches of the world who don't care who has to be dragged through the mud for the Obamessiah to be installed as president.

As lusting lefty tongues scanned pictures of Bristol Palin seeking any kind of "baby bump," the Palin family released a statement confirming the pregnancy and supporting their daughter and her fiance. The justifications cited by these gutter denizens?

1. Sarah Palin aims to foist ruinous policies on the country. She must stopped; the end justifies the means.

2. Somebody has to pay for the sins of the email rumor campaign being circulated against the Obamas.

To that, I say:

1. Attacking juveniles for the disagreements you have with their parents pretty much sums up why "They goin' to H%$# on a rocket sled."

2. If the Democrats hadn't nominated a candidate whose political statements over the last two decades have seemingly channeled Nat X at every opportunity, they'd sure be giving their critics a lot less ammunition. I personally do not believe the "OMG SECRET MOOS-LUM!!!" emails people are circulating, but you don't have to be somebody who opposes the Obamagenda as I do to realize just how much fuel they've given the rumormongers through what's come out of their own cakeholes over the years.

As a major political party with a comparable won-loss record in presidential elections over the last half-century similar to, say, Lloyd Carr against Jim Tressel, the Democrats are constantly looking for reasons to "morally invalidate" the reason somebody handed their lunch to them last time. They waved the bloody shirt of Willie Horton all throughout the term of George Bush 41, and without Lee Atwater (aka "Bush's spine") around for the reelection campaign, it was almost preordained that the ruthless Democrats would squash the Bush team like the cream puffs they were. For the last four years, Democrats have successfully mau-maued a pliant media into accepting the term "Swift Boating" as a synonym for smearing, when in fact it was a much-deserved receipt, 33 years later, for John Kerry's own despicable smearing of his fellow soliders, sailors and airmen. Winter Solider, anyone? Sadly, what the media will never tell you is that the level of coordination from Obama's campaign on down to drag this 17-year old girl through the mud puts the Bushies/Boaters work to shame -- and yet, Obama shamelessly got up today to pull the "Who, me? Trashing a young girl to win the White House?" act and got the media to buy it. Big surprise there.

If the Republican National Committee had any nards whatsoever, which they don't, they'd hit back hard on how a national campaign willfully humiliated an underage girl in the pursuit of electoral gain. But they won't, the slime merchants will succeed in exacting a price from Sarah Palin as the battle to shape perceptions wears on, and we'll all be poorer for it. The Evil Party and the Stupid Party, indeed.

Oh, and one more note about the Evil Party: two of their chief propagandists, Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann, publicly lusted for death and destruction to once again visit America's Gulf Coast so that it might hurt Republicans politically during the week of their convention. Now, with the news about Palin's family out there, we can look forward to the Dumb and Dumber of America's political discourse joining their pals in the moonbatosphere engaging in sniffing the undergarments of an underage girl. Yay American media.

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