Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night of Champions Liveblogging Part I

By Rick Morris

I guess this is a measure of how few PPVs I watch these days -- I didn't know Martin Short hosted their pregame show!

The show opened with a video package focusing on Chavo Guerrero receiving some ominous text messages. Just kidding -- but you have to admit, they would stoop to that. Actually, it was a video package about what it means to be a champion and how elite being a champion is. I'm not quite sure how it could be so elite to be a champion when there's an entire show with title matches, but there you go.

As will be the case quite often tonight, Paul Belfi is writing at the same time I am, so our thoughts will be posted up there fairly intermittently.

The opening match had Miz and Morrison defending the WWE Tag Team Titles against Finlay and Hornswaggle in your standard exposing-the-business comedy match. Hornswaggle ended up playing the Ricky Morton role after getting in some fluke offense. After doing the obligatory dive-through-the-legs spot, Horney got the tag to Finlay, who then kicked major arse (as the Irish might say). The Tadpole Splash attempt ended with him getting pitched off the top rope and pinned. Miz and Morrison win and all is right with the world.

4 comments: said...

Too Soon.


Rick Morris said...

VINCE: "And make the first text message say 'My address is ...'"


dennis said...

Is Mularz there and if he is, is he keeping the shit off the floor?

Rick Morris said...

No sign of him. Mark Markerson is here, though, and it looks like he fell into a Xerox machine several times before he got here!