Friday, April 25, 2008

Drawing Comparisons

by Jason Jones

I just spent some time watching game film on RB Kevin Smith of University of Central Florida. If you were not aware, yes…there is a RB draft prospect who shares a name with the Don of Independent films (Clerks, Mallrats, etc). Like the filmmaker, Kevin Smith the running back is coming from moderate to small beginnings. The kid is sick. It is a travesty that he will probably fall to the 4th round of this weekend's draft. He will have the kind of career that will cause teams to kick themselves for passing on him. Similar to the filmmaker, this Kevin Smith is going to shock everyone. Albeit, not from toilet humor or low budget camera angles. If he isn’t hit by the time he takes his second step, it is a guaranteed 6-60 yards. He has more large yardage games and multiple TD games than anyone in the country. Coming from a small program will hurt him. Not saying he will be as good, but so did Walter Payton and Terrell Davis. He is fluid in traffic, spins out of tacklers, high steps and hurdles diving tackles and runs as well inside as he does outside. Not to mention Kevin Smith, not Darren McFadden, led the nation in rushing and rushing td’s. Kevin Smith is the real deal. Anyone drafting in the 4th round or so, where RB is even a secondary or tertiary need, just cannot pass on him. Or they will regret it.

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