Sunday, April 13, 2008

Too much information, Rosanne!

By Rick Morris

That right there was the face I made when I heard the following news. Also, I thought of how some surgeons deserve combat pay.

Should we really be surprised that Rosanne Barr would take the occasion of a visit to national television to boast to the world (in much more vulgar terms than this) that she had gone through elective, uh, “tightening” surgery? And was the side effect of the, uh, “voluminous traffic” she has had through the years even in the Top 10 of the most revolting and objectionable things about her?

Well, at any rate, I have now been forced to contemplate one of my three most frightening mental images. Along with Rosanne’s va-jay-jay, that list consists of David Wells in a banana hammock and the prospect of a drunken three-way in a Senate coat closet with Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid.


Anonymous said...

That explains why she was holding her crotch while singing the Nat'l Anthem. It was rolling down her pants leg.

Roseanne is easily the most disgusting pig of a woman to have ever walked the Earth and that covers a lot of ground.

She makes Rosie O'Cunt Hook look like a woman a man would want to introduce his mother too.

Honestly... I wish she would just go away and count her millions and stay off of our TV's.

Tony Mazur said...

Rosanne has millions? She hasn't done anything since her TV show. She's spent so much on fast food, she's the reason for scarcity.