Sunday, April 13, 2008

STN: back and better than ever

By Rick Morris

For those of you tiring of our recent disclaimer about how FDH programming was appearing on, but was still nationally-and-internationally based, fret no more. is back as the primary identity of our broadcast outlet and we are pleased that any confusion FDH consumers may have had will be a thing of the past.

All of the programming, not just the FDH shows, have been world-class in nature and many have had a scope that went far beyond Cleveland, but for the past two years the primary focus has been on our flagship city. No more. Now, we are all on the same page content-wise and much of The Network will resemble the FDH approach in terms of niche-specific programming (although The FDH Lounge will continue to encompass anything and everything).

STN/STC has been around for six years, with the FDH influence a part of the scene for five of those years and dating back to our early days of being associated with a Cleveland terrestrial station we have been noted for our analysis of the always-wild North Coast sports scene. For those listeners who may be concerned about being abandoned completely in the switchover (and this was the sentiment three years ago when we last contemplated embracing the national identity), remember that all three Cleveland sports teams are at the forefront of their respective sports in terms of national interest. Our daytime show hosts are not going to abandon the Cavs, Tribe and Browns altogether because they are very relevant nationally.

STN is our primary identity going forward and we are very happy about that. There is nobody else on the Internet bringing you the full range of what we do, and of course FDH is a huge part of that. The best is yet to come and we look forward to presenting it to you.

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