Sunday, April 13, 2008

Live Blogging: Night of Too Many Stars

By Jason Jones

Part 1

This show is a show that I am a little confused about. I have no idea, really, what this show is about. To confuse me further, the open included a “show tune” style opening musical number that started with Jon Stewart…then Kelsey Grammer…Matthew Broderick…Megan Mullaly (the drunk rich lady from Will and Grace)…the song started as a tribute to the crap affecting us as a nation then progressed to how important it is for us as people to have “Stars”…add Susan Sarandon…Will Arnett (SNL, Blades of Glory)…Rosie O’Donnell (who cares!)…Amy Poehler…Johan Hill (from Superbad) comes to the rescue of an old man who felt chest pains, then was told in song by Kelsey Grammer that he was not star enough to help as Hill walked up from the audience. Simultaneously, Ben Stiller comes to give his help by signing an 8 x 10 photograph of himself. Conan O’Brien stood up and began to sing from the upper deck cheap seats and playing a flute. Stephen Colbert appeared on the jumbo tron on a throne surrounded by Emmy’s. Then enter a Colbert look-a-like who is really really gay with song and dance and what not. Rosie felt the need to interrupt the small gay festival dance number by insinuating that they need a star of “color”. Enter Triumph the insult dog from the David Letterman show, after all he’s black and brown. After Triumph’s barrage of insults, Rob Schneider wheels out Adam Sandler in a wheel chair (both Jewish). Jonah Hill invited to the group of stars.

Stars promoted to be included…

-Will Arnett

-Kristen Bell

-Blue Man Group

-Matthew Broderick

-Steve Carell

-Stephen Colbert

-Larry David

-Senator Chris Dodd

-Susie Essman

-Will Ferrell

-Tina Fey

-Will Forte

-Fred Armisen

-Kelsey Grammer

-Jonah Hill

-Kevin James

-Maroon 5

-Jack McBrayer

-Christopher Mintz-Plasse

-Megan Mullaly

-Conan O’Brien

-Rosie O’Donnell

-Amy Poehler

-Chris Rock

-The Roots

-Andy Samberg

-Adam Sandler

-Susan Sarandon

-Rob Schneider

-Sarah Silverman

-Ben Stiller

-Triumph the Insult Dog

-Jon Stewart

It is nice to find out that all of these celebrities came together for a cause other than their own publicity…the education of autism. “We’re going to raise more money than Idol gives back”-Jon Stewart. You’ve got to love anything that takes a shot at the America-Dumbing American Idol.

Steve Carell (care of the jumbo tron) tries to illustrate the sacrifice that viewers should make for the cause by downing 6 alcoholic beverages and the better part of a chocolate cake excessively quickly. Then a bottle of cough syrup, egh. “People need to understand!”-Steve Carell. “I feel really really sick and disgusted with myself…but its for these kids”-Steve Carell. “Jon, shut your mouth, I’m here to help these people”-Steve Carell.

Prior to the first break, Jon Stewart throws it to a real video describing the difficulties that come with dealing with children with autism.

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