Sunday, April 6, 2008

RIP Chuck Heston

By Rick Morris

With Bill Buckley just having passed on and Charlton Heston having now joined him on the other side, it's tempting to make a claim that the icons of the 20th century are now rapidly leaving this earth, but in reality of course that's been happening for some time now. It doesn't lessen the sting much, however, when we realize how much we will miss these giants who added greatly to our lives.

This tribute to Heston is an excellent one, and this more comprehensive bio tells much about his life also.

There's not much you can say about somebody like Chuck Heston that hasn't already been said, so I won't even try. I'll just state that if you look at the stand-up way he lived his life, he was truly a man's man and I don't think there's anything better you can say.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'll be buried with his NRA membership card... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Had he been as vocal a liberal he wouldn't even be mentioned on this blog.

BTW - as an actor he was amazingly overrated with the sole exception being PLANET OF THE APES. But don't say that to Bruce Fellon.

Rick Morris said...

You stay classy, Paul Belfi :-)


Anonymous said...


I luv ya Cleveland --- with the points!