Friday, April 18, 2008

FDH Thursday night shows move to Wednesday

By Rick Morris

As the man who anchors the entire FDH Thursday night lineup, I have picked up the moniker of "Mr. Thursday Night." Well, that nickname's going to need to be modified by one weeknight.

With once again assuming a national profile and morphing back into, the influx of new nationally-oriented shows is causing a series of ripples in the programming lineup. With Thursday night being needed for some new STN programs, FDH is moving the company's shows back one night.

From now on, THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER airs from 7-9 PM EDT on Wednesday nights. The hockey program THE GOON SQUAD follows from 9-10 PM EDT while the baseball show SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH will become an on-demand podcast with hosts Mike Ptak and I recording our show for the listeners of STN. THE FDH LOUNGE remains as a live program every other Sunday night from 8-11 PM EDT.

We are thrilled with the following that we have achieved in the five years of FDH programming on STN and we eagerly anticipate our listeners following us over to our new night of shows.

I would like to note also that we at FDH are pleased and humbled by the fast-rising Alexa number for this FDH Lounge blog and we're using it as motivation to get bigger and better in everything we do. In the months to come, you'll note that we'll continue to dig hard to find interesting content to put in front of you and comment on and our "Fab Four" of columnists will increase as well. We will keep blowing your mind and that's just a fact.

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