Friday, July 11, 2008

500th post -- announcing new improvements

By Rick Morris

In 11 short months, we have tallied 500 posts here at The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine and I want to use the occasion of this one to unveil some exciting new developments.

First, we now have RSS and XML feeds enabled on our mothership,, the Internet's leading independent provider of fantasy sports content. Additionally, here on The FDH Lounge, we have feeds enabled as well. What this means is that if you now have any type of feed aggregator, you can now have both FantasyDrafthelp content and FDH Lounge content sent there!

Also, in a move that has been in the works for a long time but has only taken any kind of actual shape recently, we have created the Friends of FDH Club. Essentially, these are various entities with whom we have some form of a content-sharing relationship. In almost all instances, we will be syndicating some content from them here on The Lounge.

^ This one is the granddaddy in the club, the entity with whom FDH had a content-sharing agreement back before FDH actually spun off of our friends at With the tag line "America's Internet Broadcasting Giant for Sports Talk and Entertainment Programming," STN is at the forefront of Internet TV content with general sports content, niche sports content and a burgeoning entertainment presence. STN is already home to some fine FDH-produced programming and some STN content may be making its way here to The Lounge as well.

^ Sportsology is a New Media sports entity covering (among other subjects): baseball, football, hockey, hoops, pro wrestling and collectibles. We co-produced our NBA and NHL Draft online publications with them and we will be continuing this relationship for our fantasy sports guides as well. Sportsology also has a very active podcasting operation that covers several topics.

^ The Sports Report is a new blog based on an email newsletter that has existed for a few years. Jacob Rosen writes from a position that is based largely, though not completely, on statistical analysis. Additionally, he has performed some equivalent statistical analysis on political matters, as evidenced by this blurb from his newsletter in early May that we excerpted here breaking down delegate projections. We look forward to additional writing from Jacob on any and all subjects that catch his attention and we are going to help build the readership of The Sports Report in any way that we can.

^ Gridiron Evaluations is the finest service on the Internet focusing purely on the NFL Draft and college players positioning themselves for the draft. On a year-round basis, this site is providing knowledge about future NFL contributors and we look forward to featuring some of their pieces here on The Lounge and our Senior Editor and NFL Draft Chief Analyst Jason Jones may be seeing some of his work on their virtual pages as well.

^ The Pullins Report is the online newsletter for Scott Pullins, one of America's finest political minds and small business advocates. A well-rounded entrepreneur, Scott has a law firm, small business advisory service and political consulting arm under his banner. Scott's thoughts on America's most pressing social and political matters can now be found here from time to time.

^ The On Tour Music Show is THE Internet showcase for up-and-coming musical acts and interviews of established acts. On Tour is currently the lead-in on STN on Sunday nights for The Lounge program and we will be featuring content from them in the months ahead. One of their three principals, Tony Mazur, has been a columnist for The Lounge for months now.

More entities will be joining the club in the future, but we start off very strong with these six. We believe that we feature the widest range of subject matter anywhere on the Internet and the additional occasional spice from these sources will only reinforce that reality. Above all, we are proud to be associated with the quality of content that these sources engender on a daily basis.

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