Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesse Jackass

By Tony Mazur

Last week, the fake reverend Jesse Jackson made an off-the-record comment about democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, saying that he wanted to castrate the Illinois senator for talking down to black people.

"Only he didn't say 'black people'. He said 'the word'. The N-dash-dash-dash-dash-dash word."

(If you've seen A Christmas Story, you'd understand the creative reference)

Jackson claimed that Obama "talks down to nig$%&#" and "tells them how to behave".

Let me get this straight. Isn't this the same "reverend" that fought, along with Al Sharpton, to ban the N-word after the Michael Richards fiasco?

Can this guy be a bigger hypocrite?

Since I'm not of African descent, I do not know how black people react when they hear that word. I mean, if a white person says it, you know there's trouble. But how are black people reacting to a self-appointed black leader spewing this word when referring to another black role model?

What I don't understand is why Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are still relevant. Following his somewhat fall from "grace", why did Duane "Dog" Chapman feel the need to run straight to Al Sharpton to beg for forgiveness? Who cares how they feel? It's bad enough that grown men and women tattle on each other like school children. It's even worse that you are apologizing to a man with no job.

My only hope is to have black men and women get together and tell Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to take a long walk off a short pier. I also hope that white people begin to realize that we shouldn't answer to every one of Jesse's and Al's beckoning calls. We'll all be much happier. But until then, walk on eggshells around these "respected" men.

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