Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June and July Jane's Geopolitical Roundup

By Rick Morris

Jane's Information Group has some of the best intelligence in the world at its fingertips. On matters ranging from military to security to weaponry and beyond, the staff at Jane's provides top-notch information to its subscribers and probably runs rings around our frequently inept CIA much of the time.The site includes free excerpts of its material in many different categories. From time to time here at The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine, we will link directly to their outstanding material on many subjects and allow those of you who are very much concerned with geopolitics and the world around us to keep up on important matters. We generally update this on a monthly basis, but this installment covers everything updated since May 5.

In addition to the material below, we refer you to the January, February, March, April and May installments of this series.


NAO report questions UK's ability to meet future airlift requirement

Silencing the rockets: can the Israel/Hamas truce hold?

US Air Force losing patience on joint CAS approach

UK spending cuts force army aviation regiment to disband

US GAO calls for greater oversight of Pakistan military aid

Pakistan plans to cut troops from Waziristan border region

Finland renews its defensive shield and peers overseas

Driving design - military vehicle digitization

Blue-force tracking evolves for the modern battlefield

Repair delays leave Canada without operational subs

Public Safety

Airlines await C-MANPADS report

EU strives for clarity on liquids at airport security


Middle ground - Lebanon plays buffer as Syria and Israel simmer

Kashmir's demilitarization debate

The militarization of Iran's politics

Israel and Hamas agree on Gaza ceasefire

Insurgent submersibles

Red storm rising - India's intractable Maoist insurgency

Turkish Speaker calls for Constitutional Court curbs

Mexico's Plan Merida in doubt

Peru's resurgent insurgents

UN tackles Somali piracy

Guinea attempts to appease protesting soldiers

FARC confirms death of leader

The way ahead for Moqtada al-Sadr

Zimbabwe's election waiting game

Law Enforcement

Forensic science firms to seek early validation on new products


Eurocontrol studies ATM impact of very light jets

Executive Overview: Airports, Equipment and Services

Mobilizing for new era of air travel

Training shortfall heads lessons learned from T5

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