Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Goofy Sunday night program results now online

By Rick Morris

Our special 32nd edition of THE FDH LOUNGE (8-11 PM EDT on is now online, with the archived audio here. This show, which featured The Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge competing with one another in a contest designed to reveal who had the finest taste in mature female pulchritude, now has the complete results available in The FDH Lounge forum here and rules for the game here. We do programming that runs along the spectrum from very smart to, uh, less than that, and to be honest, this one falls more towards the other side – but you will laugh like you haven’t chortled in quite some time. In particular, STN President Paul Belfi getting caught doctoring Wikipedia in order to make Jenny McCarthy eligible for his team (at about the 1-hour, 30-minute mark of the event) was a complete highlight!

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