Saturday, July 5, 2008

Uptown Girl -- revised lyrics

By Rick Morris

Uptown Girl
Hubby's living in a filthy porn world
I bet she never had a closet perv guy
I bet her momma never told her why

He's gonna try for an Uptown Girl
She's been living in her non-porn world
But now she found herself a fetishist man
Wait until the details hit the fan
Of what he did on the LAN ...

Because she knows what she wants
From her man
It's not to go out
And jump a teen's can

She'll see he's not so great
He's gonna date
A younger downtown girl
You know he took her in his filthy porn world
She's getting tired of using wifey's toys
They're what he had her use down on his boys
She had no choice

Uptown Girl
You know she could afford to buy his porn world
And maybe someday when the truth comes out
She'll learn she was and that will make her shout
She'll kill that lout

And as she's learning
The depth of his sins
She starts a-yearning
To slice those nards with pins

She'll say he's not so tough
Just because
He's in love
With a downtown girl
Who's been living in her high school world
As long as anyone in high school can
And now she's looking for a wealthy man
That's what he am

Uptown Girl
Now a whoopass girl
Uptown Girl
Now a whoopass girl

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Too soon.