Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cubic Zirconia Dave?

By Rick Morris

Apparently, a David Lee Roth impersonator has been running amok across North America, leaving a wake of folks entertained by his crooning and dancing in (too) tight pants. The problem is that some of the credulous people still refuse to believe that Diamond Dave was not the man in their presence:

"Dean Hajas, a local songwriter and recording engineer, said he's still certain the man who stayed at his house for three weeks is the real David Lee Roth.

"'He just phoned me out of the blue and asked if he could come over and do some work," Hajas said. 'He's got some of my music ... I talked to him on his cellphone yesterday and he said his publicist would be issuing a press release (today) to clear this mess up.'"

I guess Dave has a publicist impersonator as well; that person's got to be pretty busy today.

What a lame fake-o this guy was, though, as he apparently wasn't even trying to scam anybody for anything! Just a case of, "Hey, look at me, I'm David Lee Roth!" Wow ... hope you got what you ... wanted out of that ... or something.

This reminds me of when President Paul Belfi told me that DLR was a real-life paramedic in New York City. I asked him, "Now, is he a real paramedic? Or does he show up in tight pants along with the ambulance crew and dance around and sing 'Bose dee bose dee bop city bop' and entertain the patient while the real workers do their job?" Apparently he is a real paramedic. Go figure.

Apparently the only true part of this entire faux story was when Roth's (real) publicist admitted that the story is helping to keep her client relevant. Whatever it takes, I guess.

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