Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gridiron Evaluations: Knowshon Moreno

By Rick Morris

As we announced yesterday, we are syndicating some new content to The FDH Lounge through relationships in our new Friends of FDH Club. The overwhelming majority of content produced here will continue to come directly from within FDH, but we will be featuring some additional material as well.

The first installment comes from our associates at Gridiron Evaluations. This outstanding site, piloted by our buddy Ken Becks, delivers tremendous insights about college football players and where they will fit into the NFL in future years. When we at FDH speak of "The Scout," there can only be one man we have in mind and that is Ken.

Gridiron Evaluations has a feature on the site under the Gridiron Articles heading that breaks down the game of Knowshon Moreno, one of the most exciting players in the country. If you read the article on the site, you can view compelling videos of this breathtaking athlete. We now reproduce here, with permission, the text of the Moreno profile. Read it, then go check out the videos Ken posted, and you'll see just what a bright future this young man has in front of him.

Player Spotlight: Knowshon Moreno
By Ken Becks
Gridiron Evaluations

Knowshon Moreno

Running Back #24
5-11, 207
Speed: 4.47

Knowshon Moreno did not take long establishing himself as one of the more productive and exciting young runners at the collegiate level. Though he is only a true freshman he runs with a wisdom beyond his years. He runs the ball with an authority as though each carry could be his last. He looks to maximize each and every run.

He displays a passion for the game and leadership skills not normally seen by a player his age. Despite his age he is also one of the emotional leaders on the offensive side of the ball for the Bulldogs. Pumping up his teammates whenever he senses they need it.

He is a decisive runner who makes quick decisions with the ball in his hands. He hits holes at full speed and does so with a physical demeanor. He runs with more authority than his size would indicate. He is especially effective running between the tackles; where he becomes a downhill runner. He is a hard runner to knock off his feet, possessing excellent balance and leverage.

Moreno has the mentality of delivering first blows to defenders instead of absorbing the contact. He has a relentless running style and gives repeated second effort gaining considerable yards after contact (YAC) from defenders. He is a person who has a knack for keeping his legs moving; allowing him to consistently break tackles. He has the knack of leaning forward, finishing off runs after contact; which is a trait most top tier running backs are very effective at.

He reminds me of current NFL running back Carnell "Cadillac" Williams. They have the same exact running style along with the same body structure and frame; though Knowshon is far ahead of "Cadillac" when it comes to early success.

He shows the ability to hit the corners of defenses equally as effective. Once he reaches the second level of defenses, he is looking to find the shortest distance from A to B which is north and south. He runs the ball as though he lacks patience and looks for immediate gratification. And many times, he finds what he was looking for.

Once he breaks into the open he seems to gain separation on defenders the longer the play goes on. Some question his durability going into the future, with his reckless running style. He has held up well thus far, and even with the number of carries he had last year, his ball security can not be questioned.

He shows an effectiveness catching the ball out of the backfield and knows what to do with it. I would like to see him receive the ball more in the passing game. His production of 12.6 yards per catch seems to lean towards that assumption. Moreno has a running style geared more toward the NFL game. So he has a chance of being more effective as a pro than collegian.

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