Thursday, July 10, 2008

Point Me in the Right Direction

By Tony Mazur

Throughout my youth, I would strive to find either the hottest or most obscure sports collectibles. A personal favorite of mine were 'Headliners'. Headliners were small figurines of all-star caliber sports players, which ranged from baseball to hockey. If they were out of stock (which they are permanently, since they have been discontinued since the late nineties), I would purchase a 'Starting Lineup' figurine. Just last week, I brought in a Jim Thome, Eric Metcalf (with the Falcons), Kirby Puckett (sans the glaucoma), and a Montreal Expos Wil Cordero figurine, brass knuckles not included. This prompted FDH Lounge President and CEO Rick Morris to bring in his Frank Viola and 1997 Matt Williams action figures.

But I am on the quest to find some meaningful sports memorabilia.

I am looking for a reasonable-priced vintage Mark Price Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. I've tried eBay, and everything is either too small, too expensive, or not the right jersey. I do not want Gund Arena-era Cavs. I think Gordon Gund designed those himself (hint: he's blind). I want Richfield Coliseum, gravel road Ohio Route 303-era Cavaliers jerseys, like the one you see in the top righthand corner of this post.

Why am I looking for a Mark Price jersey? The answer is simple. Not only because I'm partial to the Cavaliers, since that is the location of my home and place of employment, but because I grew up watching him and his number (25) was my number extracurriculars through school. 25 was my lucky number in helping my team win a city championship in basketball a number of years ago, and I received numerous accolades in baseball sporting that number.

So if anyone knows where I can find one of these gems, let me know. I've had it with eBay. Remember, I'm looking for a reasonably priced Mark Price jersey, preferably an away jersey, but I won't be a stickler. My price range is anywhere between $0-$75.

Thanks for looking out, folks.

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