Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 FDH College Hoops Bracket Draft

By Rick Morris

While FDH did not end up having the NCAA hoops bracket draft program on* tonight (as the great Kevin Malone from The Office might say "Because of reasons ..."), we did still conduct our draft off-line so that we could share the results with you here.

First, let's examine our recommended scoring system:

^ 2 points for an opening-round win
^ 4 points for a second-round win
^ 6 points for a third-round win
^ 8 points for a regional championship win
^ 10 points for winning a national semifinal game
^ 12 points for winning the national championship

Also, there are bonus points for having lower seeds win:

^ 2 points for each win by a team seeded 5th through 9th in a region
^ 5 points for each win by a team seeded 10th through 16th in a region

FDH Lounge Dignitaries participating in this event, which utilized our recommended scoring system, were Jason Jones, Nate Noy, Samantha Jones and Rick Morris (drafting in that order in a standard 12-round serpentine process).

Here's how each round materialized:

1. Jason: Memphis
2. Nate: UNC
3. Samantha: UCLA
4. Rick: Texas

1. Rick: Georgetown
2. Samantha: Kansas
3. Nate: Duke
4. Jason: Tennessee

1. Jason: Stanford
2. Nate: Louisville
3. Samantha: Wisconsin
4. Rick: Xavier

1. Rick: Vanderbilt
2. Samantha: UConn
3. Nate: Washington State
4. Jason: Michigan State

1. Jason: Clemson
2. Nate: USC
3. Samantha: Oklahoma
4. Rick: Pittsburgh

1. Rick: Notre Dame
2. Samantha: Purdue
3. Nate: Kentucky
4. Jason: Indiana

1. Jason: Gonzaga
2. Nate: Texas A&M
3. Samantha: UNLV
4. Rick: Butler

1. Rick: St. Mary's
2. Samantha: Arkansas
3. Nate: Arizona
4. Jason: Kansas State

1. Jason: St. Joseph's
2. Nate: Marquette
3. Samantha: BYU
4. Rick: Davidson

1. Rick: Oregon
2. Samantha: Temple
3. Nate: Mississippi State
4. Jason: Georgia

1. Jason: Villanova
2. Nate: Miami
3. Samantha: George Mason
4. Rick: Drake

1. Rick: Kent State
2. Samantha: Oral Roberts
3. Nate: Western Kentucky
4. Jason UMBC

We will track the results of this event and announce the winner on STC. While actual brackets are fun, and we will certainly be participating in them ourselves, bracket drafts with the element of fantasy sports interjected in are also great fun and we encourage you strongly to partake of our recommended format.

* We are heeding a request to start utilizing the SportsTalkCleveland identity because it is the lead one the station for marketing purposes right now. At the same time, we wish to remind everyone of the reason that the SportsTalkNetwork identity has also been in play: the wide variety of programs on the station appealing to a national constituency, from nationally-based general sports programming to mixed martial arts to pro wrestling to the NHL, Major League Baseball, motorsports, extreme sports and fantasy sports. Whether you cheer for Cleveland sports teams or not, we appreciate having you in our audience and we serve you equally well.

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