Monday, March 31, 2008

It's still real to me, dag-nabbit!

By Rick Morris

This was published a day early, so I don't think it's Wade Keller's idea of an April Fool's Day joke. Bitter Indy Guy has risen up in all his glory to unleash a bitter rant on Vince McMahon for booking Floyd Mayweather to win the match against The Big Show at WrestleMania 24.

"[Did] Vince McMahon ever consider the fact that the people who bought tickets to WrestleMania might actually be wrestling fans and that they just might want to see a wrestler win? Did anyone notice that Big Show was being heartily cheered when he was thrashing Mayweather?"

Wow. The people actually cheered for the wrestler pushed as the babyface and booed the heel. Stop the f'ing presses.

I wonder if Bitter Indy Guy expressed similar outrage at the WWE's sham of a "wellness policy" or any other one of the countless crimes against decency perpetrated by Vinny Mac in his quarter-century atop the business. No, that's a stupid question, of course he didn't. "BIG's" priority in life is defending the image of pro wrestling against those from other industries who want to come in and get their hand raised.

As the old saying goes, the biggest marks are the ones behind the curtain.

For infinitely more sane and comprehensive coverage of the show, check out our good buddy Russ Cohen at Wrestleology.


RudoReels said...

I thought Show was pushed as a heel and Mayweather was a face? That's how the whole angle started, at No Way Out.

Rick Morris said...

The entire angle was pretty ill-conceived, but was saved somewhat by a decent match. You're right, they started off trying to make Mayweather the face by aligning him with Rey Rey, only to give into reality within a few weeks as Floyd's natural personality made that attempt a no-go. They more or less did a double-turn at the weigh-in a few weeks ago. Frankly, given the fact that Mayweather had to cheat like Hades to have the match end in a credible manner in his favor, I have no idea whatsoever what they would have done had the original "plan" endured -- and I'm sure they have no idea what they would have done.

RudoReels said...

Gotcha. Didn't know that; I don't generally watch the TV shows due to the fact that they are consistently a letdown, despite all shows leading up to 'mania are always great... I just forgot. Hehe.

I enjoyed what I saw of the PPV, though, I'll be getting a bootleg of it soon so I can't wait to view it all the way through.

RudoReels said...

Gotcha... Didn't know because I don't watch the shows often because they are too often a letdown.

However, the few weeks before Mania are always the best.