Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Jane’s Geopolitical Roundup

By Rick Morris

Jane’s Information Group has some of the best intelligence in the world at its fingertips. On matters ranging from military to security to weaponry and beyond, the staff at Jane's provides top-notch information to its subscribers and probably runs rings around our frequently inept CIA much of the time.

The site includes free excerpts of its material in many different categories. From time to time here at The FDH Lounge Blog, we will link directly to their outstanding material on many subjects and allow those of you who are very much concerned with geopolitics and the world around us to keep up on important matters.

In addition to the material below, we refer you to the January and February installments of this series.


Organ trafficking: a fast-expanding black market

Legal loophole failing officers tackling human trafficking

Maximizing resilience: NATO CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) capabilities

US intelligence agencies seize policy initiative


Pakistan NWFP parties agree to secular coalition

Pakistan’s most wanted: Baitullah Mehsud

NATO expected to further Balkan enlargement

Columbian conflict turns contagious

Mughniyah hit threatens war against Israel

Group profile: Hizbullah

JTIC Briefing: Afghanistan’s bloody Sunday

Dark times for southern Africa

Introducing Raul Castro

Fidel Castro resigns Cuban presidency

Life after death: scenarios for a post-Castro Cuba


Former Islamist rivals warn UK of ideological differences

UK Muslim communities close ranks to police


Transport finance sector eagerly awaits US election results

US airport industry faces challenging year

US airports need massive investment to handle future demand

Multiview x-ray has wider vision


US Navy strike group responds to increasing Lebanon, Syria tension

Congressional report set to fuel debate on USAF’s energy alternatives

Future generation: US alternative energy development

Greece owes “at least 100 million euros” to Thyssenkrupp for naval weapons, claims industry source

Negotiations advance on Typhoon production in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Typhoon buy could herald wave of big arms deals in Middle East

UK changes JSF configuration for ASRAAM

Two competitors reveal prototypes for US JLTV program

IDEX 2007: US considers accelerating JLTV purchase

North Carolina takes heat out of welding glitch

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