Saturday, March 1, 2008

Please support a great cause this weekend

By Rick Morris

EDIT: As of 10:45 PM EST Saturday night, we are up to $250 in pledges, mostly from the Rick Springfield fans listening now to Uncle Paul Belfi's DJing. Thank you very much. I'm updating at the bottom to provide notes for our wrestling segment from 2-4 PM EST with a capsule look at what has transpired of note at every one of the first 23 WrestleManias and one man's opinion about the top 10 stars of the WrestleMania era never to appear on the card. Also, I'm attaching an approximate guide to which baseball brackets (read below!) will be discussed when.

I'm writing this mere hours before we go on the air at for our 4th annual Up All Night/Up All Day Marathon to Benefit the Carol Morris Scholarship Fund at Bowling Green State University. THE FDH LOUNGE program will be just one part of an extended broadcast to benefit an excellent cause. Go to STC or STN at the above links to listen and/or watch the proceedings.

This scholarship program is a memorial fund in honor of my mother, Carol Morris, who worked in special education. I urge all of you to visit the home page for the fund and also for our benefit show at , but I'm going to bring all of the relevant info over here also. I also want to profusely thank our event sponsor, TAHJ Capital. This is corporate philanthropy at its finest, and I cannot express my personal appreciation enough.

Here is everything straight off of the aforementioned fund/program home page:


The Carol Morris Scholarship Fund at Bowling Green State University is the official charitable cause of Named for Managing Partner Rick Morris’ mother, a longtime teacher and tutor, the memorial fund is directed towards students striving for a career in special education.

The fund has been the chosen cause of three annual “Up All Night Marathons.” These broadcasts, which have aired on, have helped bring the fund closer to its goal of vesting at $25,000. When fully vested, the fund will exist in perpetuity and help bring committed individuals into the vital field of special education.

To donate to the fund, make checks payable to: BGSU Foundation, Inc.

On the memo line of the check, please write: Carol Morris Scholarship Fund 30-000812

Mail checks to:
Office of Development
Attn: Erin Keller
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Donations can also be made online at the following web address:


The 4th Annual Up All Day Marathon to benefit the Carol Morris Scholarship Fund at Bowling Green State University will run for 27 hours, from Saturday, March 1 at 9 PM to Sunday, March 2 at Midnight EST. This year's program will bring you special extra editions of your favorite STN programs for a very special cause. The following shows are involved.

^ THE FDH LOUNGE (the program where nothing is off-topic)


^ THE GOON SQUAD (hockey)


^ PRO WRESTLING INSIDER (professional wrestling)

^ NAAFS RADIO (mixed martial arts)

^ THE RICK SPRINGFIELD MARATHON (Rick Springfield music and fan interaction)

Here is the tentative lineup as of Friday, February 28 (all times EST):

9 PM to 10 AM: 13 hours of THE RICK SPRINGFIELD MARATHON as the world's foremost Springfield DJ, Paul Belfi, spins tunes from the entire catalog.

10 AM to 2 PM: SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH presents bracket-style voting with a roundtable panel to determine the best players in baseball at each position. This segment features Round One of the brackets at every position (there are 8 players in the bracket at each position except right-handed pitcher, which has 16 players). We will be joined at about Noon by baseball analyst Eric Gold. Position battles are listed below the show information.

2 PM to 4 PM: PRO WRESTLING INSIDER features the WrestleMania roundtable: a past, present and future look at the biggest rasslin' event of the year. For the first part of our discussion, we will be joined by Wrestleology analyst Russ Cohen.

4 PM to 4:30 PM: SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH presents the baseball brackets, with part of Round Two.

4:30 PM to 5 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE welcomes Zach Landres-Schnur, proprietor of THE BIG PICTURE sports blog.

5 PM to 5:30 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE interviews William Gheen, President and Spokesman for Americans for Legal Immigration, the group trying to draft CNN news anchor Lou Dobbs to run for President of the United States.

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM: SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH presents the rest of Round Two of the baseball brackets.

6:30 PM to 7:00 PM: SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH interviews Joe Aiello, founder of THE VIEW FROM THE BLEACHERS Chicago Cubs blog.

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM: SEVENTH INNING SLOUCH presents the final round of the baseball brackets.

8:00 PM to 8:30 PM: THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER presents a 2008 NFL Draft Preview with Senior Editor and Chief NFL Draft Analyst Jason Jones.

8:30 PM to 9:00 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE takes its first look ahead to an Obama/McCain presidential race with a roundtable preview.

9:00 PM to 9:30 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE speaks to Lounge Dignitary Nathan Noy about the most entertaining congressional race in the country in 2008.

9:30 PM to 10:00 PM: NAAFS RADIO presents a look inside the MMA world's greatest combined amateur/professional circuit with North American Allied Fight Series executive producer Jake Digman.

10:00 PM to 10:30 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE interviews the IRL correpondant for Most Valuable Network, Christopher Estrada about the big open-wheel racing merger just announced this week.

10:30 PM to 11:00 PM: THE FDH LOUNGE prepares you to fill out your NCAA hoops brackets in a few weeks with a look ahead to Championship Week and the field of 65.

11:00 PM to 11:30 PM: THE GOON SQUAD interviews hockey journalist John Kreiser of

11:30 PM to Midnight: THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER interviews Managing Editor Ray Flowers for an early look at fantasy baseball Draft Day.

Baseball brackets


Martinez vs. Molina

Mauer vs. Posada

McCann vs. Pudge

Martin vs. Johjima

First Base

Pujols vs. Konerko

Morneau vs. Pena

Howard vs. Berkman

Fielder vs. Lee

Second Base

Utley vs. Polanco

Uggla vs. Kent

Cano vs. Roberts

Phillips vs. Ellis


Rollins vs. Hardy

Jeter vs. Tulowitzki

Ramirez vs. Tejada

Reyes vs. Greene

Third Base

Rodriguez vs. Lowell

Ramirez vs. Atkins

Cabrera vs. C. Jones

Wright vs. Glaus

Left Field

Ramirez vs. Byrnes

Crawford vs. Lee

Soriano vs. Braun

Holliday vs. Matsui

Center Field

B.J. Upton vs. Wells

Hunter vs. A. Jones

Beltran vs. Ichiro

Sizemore vs. Granderson

Right Field

Guerrero vs. Hawpe

Francouer vs. Markakis

Rios vs. Dye

Ordonez vs. C. Hart

Designated Hitters

Ortiz vs. Thomas

Thome vs. Bonds

Hafner vs. Cust

Sheffield vs. Sosa

Left-Handed Pitchers

Santana vs. Buehrle

Kazmir vs. Ol. Perez

Liriano vs. Hamels

Sabathia vs. Francis

Right-Handed Pitchers

Beckett vs. Hudson

Oswalt vs. Halladay

C. Young vs. Penny

Lackey vs. Smoltz

Peavy vs. F. Hernandez

Haren vs. Bedard

Verlander vs. Carmona

Webb vs. Zambrano


Papelbon vs. Rivera

Putz vs. F. Cordero

Nathan vs. Hoffman

F. Rodriguez vs. Wagner

Here are the half-hour segments when we will discuss the position battles (all times EST and approximate, keeping in mind that the first round is in two parts for the RHP position since there are twice as many players involved):


10:00 AM: 7 RHP

10:30 AM: 1 RHP, 4C, 2 1B

11:00 AM: 2 1B, 4 2B, 1 SS

11:30 AM: 3 SS, 4 3B

12:00 Noon: 4 LF, 3 CF

12:30 PM: 1 CF, 4 RF, 2 DH

1:00 PM: 2 DH, 4 LHP, 1 CL

1:30 PM: 3 CL, 4 RHP


4:00 PM: 2 C, 2 1B, 2 2B, 2 SS

5:30 PM: 2 3B, 2 LF, 2 CF, 2 RF

6:00 PM: 2 DH, 2 LHP, 2 CL, 2 RHP


7:00 PM: 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 SS, 1 3B, 1 LF

7:30 PM: 1 CF, 1 RF, 1 DH, 1 LHP, 1 CL, 1 RHP

Notes on past WrestleManias

I: Important because it started it all, Andre beat Studd in bodyslam challenge, Hogan/T vs. Piper/Orndorf set the template for WrestleMania, Sheik/Volkoff tag title win kept them hot as foreign heels.

II: Hugely important because it solidified Mania as a big-time event, only one to take place in 3 cities, Refrigerator Perry in Chicago main event (battle royal), Piper/T boxing match was Roddy’s swan song as a heel, Hogan/Bundy in a cage may have been Hulk’s least memorable Mania match, but set the template for every title defense vs. a big man he had in that era.

III: 93,000 at the Silverdome set a new standard for crowds, Hogan/Andre was some of the greatest buildup ever and the match was great for not having any workrate, Steamboat/Savage was the first undercard show-stealer at a Mania, Roddy Piper’s “retirement match,” Duggan’s run-in vs. Sheik/Volkoff pioneered the concept of having a wrestler debut at Mania.

IV: 4-hour tournament rates as one of the most boring Manias, Hogan/Andre double-DQ rated as the most shocking Mania moment to that point, Hogan saving Savage in the main event was the first pass-the-torch moment at Mania, Bret’s face turn at end of battle royal.

V: Hogan/Savage main event was as emotion-filled as Hogan/Piper tag match at I and Hogan/Andre at III, Piper/Brother Love/Morton Downey Jr. segment foreshadowed the dawn of “sports entertainment segments” at Mania.

VI: Hogan/Warrior main event was completely unique for its time with face vs. face dynamic, first & only Mania for Dusty Rhodes, Andre’s swan song.

VII: Originally supposed to be 1st outdoor Mania at L.A. Coliseum, later moved to L.A. Sports Arena, Hogan/Slaughter set a new standard for exploiting tragic world events, Kerry Von Erich & Undertaker Mania debuts, Warrior/Savage “retirement match” was the closest thing to a double main-event that had been seen yet.

VIII: Actual double main-event at HosierDome with Savage/Flair for the title and Hogan/Sid in Hogan’s “retirement match” and Warrior returning for the run-in at the end, Roberts & Piper also left after this show, Piper/Hart was show-stealing undercard match that helped establish Hart, Paul Ellering & Lex Luger showed up on camera for the first time.

IX: First outdoor show, double main-event with Hart/Yoko and Hogan/Beefcake/Money Inc. tag title match and Hogan making the “impromptu” challenge to take the belt from Yoko in the end, Steiner Brothers’ only Mania match, Jim Ross debuts infamously in a toga.

X: Bret & Luger both get title shots as Bret wins but loses earlier to Owen, Michaels/Razor ladder match sets a new standard for midcard showstealing matches.

XI: Double main-event with Diesel/Shawn for the title but LT/Bigelow actually goes on last.

XII: Michaels/Hart Ironman match, Austin’s Mania debut, Warrior’s return with a squash of HHH, Piper/Goldust “Backlot Brawl”

XIII: Double main-event with Undertaker’s first title match at Mania vs. Sid and Hart/Austin “I Quit” with famous double-turn, Vader/Mankind tag match vs. Owen/Bulldog, The Rock’s Mania debut in infamous debacle match vs. Sultan.

XIV: Austin’s first title win ever in Michaels’ last match for 4 ½ years, The Rock gets first serious “cool heel” heat in interview with Gennifer Flowers, Terry Funk’s return to Mania after 12 years in match with Cactus Jack/New Age Outlaws, Sunny debuts with “LOD 2000,” Kane’s first Mania match vs. Undertaker with Pete Rose altercation with Kane beforehand, Gorilla Monsoon’s last on-screen appearance.

XV: 1st Austin/Rock Mania match, Butterbean/Gunn boxing massacre, 2nd Kane/Pete Rose altercation, HHH/Kane double-turn.

2000: 1st multi-person main event with Rock/HHH/Mankind/Big Show and a McMahon in each corner, HHH notches 1st heel win ever in a Mania title match, Edge/Christian/Hardys/Dudleys ladder match, 3rd Kane/Pete Rose altercation, 1st Mania for Benoit/Jericho/Angle as they all faced each other for the I-C & European titles.

XVII: 1st dome Mania in 9 years, 2nd Austin/Rock title match at Mania with ill-fated Austin turn at end, first Vinny Mac Mania match vs. Shane, WCW wrestlers in skybox watching right after “Shane’s” acquisition, Paul Heyman’s only Mania on commentary, Edge/Christian/Dudleys/Hardys TLC 2 match, Benoit/Angle match featuring much amateur wrestling early on, HHH loses to Undertaker.

XVIII: HHH/Jericho only Mania match for “Undisputed” Title, Rock/Hogan match with strange crowd reaction, Austin/Hall disappointing match, Undertaker/Flair match with Arn Anderson run-in.

XIX: Another dome show at Safeco Field in Seattle, 1st Mania of split-brand era with 2 brand title matches, HHH gets 2nd heel win ever in Mania title match by pinning Booker T, Lesnar/Angle title match is the last one before Angle’s 1st injury hiatus in WWE, Hogan/McMahon match gets surprise run-in from Piper, 3rd Austin/Rock Mania match is Austin’s last as full-time competitor and is Rock’s last singles match at Mania.

XX: Benoit/Eddy celebrate unlikely title wins together at end of show, Rock’s last Mania match comes in tag match with Foley/Orton/Batista/Flair in Foley’s big return match, infamous Goldberg/Lesnar “farewell match,” Paul Bearer’s surprise return for second Undertaker/Kane match at Mania.

XXI: Cena’s first title win comes in the midcard as Batista’s title win against HHH ends the show, Angle/Michaels “dream match,” Edge wins first “Money In the Bank” match, Austin/Piper/Carlito segment, Hogan run-in vs. Hassan.

XXII: Cena/HHH title match with “bizarro crowd,” Rey wins title in 3-way with Angle/Orton, Edge/Foley “hardcore match,” RVD wins “Money In the Bank,” Michaels/McMahon no-holds-barred match.

XXIV: Return to domed stadium in Detroit area 20 years later, Cena/Michaels helps cement Cena on top tier, Undertaker beats Batista for title, Lashley/Umaga match forces McMahon’s head to be shaved by Trump, Sabu & Sandman make only Mania appearances.

Ten greatest North American stars of the WrestleMania era never to wrestle at WrestleMania:

1. Sting

2. Bruiser Brody

3. Nick Bockwinkel

4. Superstar Billy Graham

5. Steve Williams

6. The Freebirds

7. Kevin Von Erich

8. Abdullah the Butcher

9. Samoa Joe

10. Kevin Sullivan

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