Sunday, March 30, 2008

Video Clips: Fun Timewasters

By Rick Morris

From time to time, we try to accommodate our Lounge content consumers who just want some fun, light entertainment. Hence this edition of our Video Clips series, entitled "Fun Timewasters."

These are simply some video clips that you can enjoy and consume in the form of good, mindless entertainment. On with the show!

Stephen Curry has been THE superstar of this year's NCAA hoops tournament. Here's a compilation of some of his more impressive plays:

Is this next one in poor taste? Possibly. But watching Hitler vent as a frustrated Dallas Cowboys' fan is some kind of funny!

In the last year, we have seen one of the all-time greatest TV commercials, a classic in its own time: the Peter Frampton Geico spot:

Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali, nothing more needs to be said:

Here's a segment from the vaults of THE SPORTSWRITERS ON TV, the forerunner of all of the TV talking-head sports shows we see today:

Are you geeked for MLB Opening Day yet? You will be after you see this:

And last but not least, here are some clips from the "Bookie Mom" series online. If these clips don't have you laughing, you're probably a bit too morose to be a follower of The FDH Lounge!

The Super Bowl/To Catch a Predator:

The Coach K/Roy Williams feud:

The NFL Combine:

Making chalk picks:

How Bookie Mom collects from deadbeats:

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