Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Schmidt and Wulsin dominate primary vote

By Nate Noy

Much to my own chagrin Jean Schmidt handily defeated Tom Brinkman in the OH-2 primary. Perhaps Tom will run for Bob Shuler’s State Senate seat when Bob is termed out in two years. Tom made a strong effort for an underfunded candidate and he will continue to receive the support from those of us that are true conservatives when he runs again for another office.

Vic Wulsin also overcame a challenging campaign against an opponent that digressed to tactics Jean Schmidt would be proud of.

I won’t make any predictions about November, but I will publicly state that even as a radical conservative I will be voting for Dr. Wulsin in the fall. While a number of her views may be different from my own I KNOW she is an honest and caring person that can be TRUSTED. She will listen to those of us in the district with a different view from her own, and she is the kind of person from a character perspective that anyone can be proud of.

Jean on the other hand can be best summed up by the Rolling Stone Magazine article from 2006. She will NEVER get my vote under any circumstance. The good news is that my vote in November will be FOR Dr. Wulsin and not just AGAINST Schmidt.

Good luck Dr. Wulsin, Jean’s time will come and it won’t be soon enough.

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Rick Morris said...

Nate, nice job coming on here (without having been prompted) to address your prediction. So Jean covered your spread by a few TDs, big deal! Didn’t stop you from promptly showing your face right back here. We’re all about doing the “man up” thang here, as I myself demonstrated under other circumstances. Sadly, you and I appear to be relics of a bygone and better age in our approach to personal accountability.

Take for example the (highly hypothetical) example of someone who would assiduously ignore your efforts on behalf of Tom Brinkman, a person who no doubt put fingers in the ears and screamed “I can’t hear you,” every time you posted something new about the race. Then imagine that same (highly hypothetical) person waiting until all the votes were counted before clowning you on his blog for getting your prediction wrong. I know, I know, nobody would do anything that ball-less, right? Hey, we’re just talking hypotheticals here. Imagine, again, a (highly hypothetical) person who wouldn’t stand in and debate the congressional race with you toe-to-toe in real time – snubbing a highly worthy charitable cause in the process – but who would, again, start going all "Neener Neener Neener" after the fact when all the votes were counted. Good thing we don’t know anybody like that, eh?

Nate, it’s better to get one election wrong and to be a real man than to have the opposite of both statements be true.