Friday, February 29, 2008

Vinny Mac flips the bird to Congress

By Rick Morris

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a man who thinks he can overcome any obstacle. He shattered the industry's regional traditions in the 1980s by taking his company national and he beat back the corporate threat of Turner Broadcasting in the late 1990s when they surpassed him as the biggest name in the industry -- but the most relevant experience to present circumstances came in the period in between, when the federal government pursued him on felony steroid charges and he beat the rap.

Now, he's under the gun again as Congress is moving seamlessly from an investigation of MLB's shameful era to a peek at the man who may well have set the example for baseball's juiced-up days -- good old Vinny Mac. He defied an invitation to appear before Congress this past week and now the titans of Capitol Hill are angry.

We've talked about this looming case on The Lounge program for months now. With Democrats back in control of Congress, Henry Waxman now wields the gavel for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and he is, as we noted, probably the biggest egomaniac in a body full of them. Bobby Rush, the aggrieved party this week when VKM blew off Congress, is no shrinking violet himself.

Vince McMahon has overcome many obstacles in his life. Now, this is not to say that I admire him, because I don't, but I will admit (in a "give the devil his due kind of way") that he has won many high-powered battles in life. But he has never faced the combination of power, ego and thirst for election-year headlines that he'll eventually encounter in the U.S. House of Representatives. He's just arrogant enough to plunge into the perjury trap that is already being baited by Congressmen as we speak. I look for the insane old Irishman to continue to thumb his nose at Congress between now and the hearing he'll inevitably have to attend and that will just inflame his adversaries even more. When you consider the fact that Vince Senior had his promotional base of operations in the Potomac area back in the day, how ironic would it be for his son to have his Waterloo right there in D.C.?

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