Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Memo to open-wheel weasels: we don't care!

By Rick Morris

Speed TV is reporting that the long-awaited open-wheel merger is on, with details to be announced this week. This is in line with public speculation that we discussed here almost two weeks ago.

My thoughts are the same now that they were then. As a longtime fan, I'm bitter and I think it's a joke that Tony George and the greedheads who destroyed open-wheel racing think that their 12-years-too-late solution is going to solve anything. With Bourdais, Dario, Hornish, Jacques and Juan Pablo (among others) having bolted to NASCAR and F1, the new "unified" circuit will now be slightly less crappy and watered-down. Congratulations.

With most Champ Car races being dropped (due to inability to assimilate more than a few with the existing IRL schedule), the Cleveland race, one of the most distinctive on the schedule, looks to be a casualty (at least for the 2008 season). Nary a word about it either way on the Cleveland Plain Dealer website as of yet. There's a shock!

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