Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jean Schmidt’s shill Nathan Bailey

By Nate Noy

Quick question: if you were an unpopular and corrupt Congresswomen how would you try to siphon off some of the anti-incumbent vote in a dangerously close primary election?

Answer: find a shill to help split the anti-Schmidt vote.

Below is what the Cincinnati Enquirer had to say about Nathan Bailey:

Nathan N. Bailey

Bailey, 26, is an accountant who lives in Stonelick Township in Clermont County.

His campaign has been chiefly an online effort, with Facebook and MySpace pages. He said he joined the race largely to encourage young conservative Republicans like himself to vote. He said he admires Schmidt, and that his chief advantage over her would be “I could serve for 40 years.”

Bailey said he has spent $1,355, but accepted only $250 in donations, turning down other offers.

I’ll have to give a “hat’s off” to Schmidt and her corrupt cronies on this one. Everyone knows there will be 50-55% of the voters next Tuesday that won’t pull the lever for Jean Schmidt on a bet. Her ONLY prayer to beat Tom Brinkman is to hope the people in Pike, Scioto, Brown, and Adams Counties (the four counties Bob McEwen trounced her in back in the 2006 primary) accidentally vote for Bailey instead of Brinkman.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that “admires Schmidt” is either as corrupt and dishonest as she is, or a shill for her. I hope in the case of Nathan Bailey it is simply the latter. However, once Schmidt is indicted, convicted, or whatever this summer anyone that has been duped into supporting her will certainly feel like the world’s biggest fool. I just hope the voters in Ohio-2 next Tuesday are educated enough to vote for the ONLY OPTION on the ballot: Tom Brinkman.

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