Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jean Schmidt beware character matters to OH-2 voters

By Nate Noy

Those in Jean Schmidt’s corner should realize how much trouble she is in next Tuesday. Don’t take my word for it, because we all know what I personally think of Schmidt. Instead let’s review the results of the Zogby poll in Ohio-2 from two years ago.

Question 16. In deciding for whom to vote in the Republican primary election in the second congressional district, which is more important to you - the issues in the race or the character of the candidates?

There were 400 respondents, 233 or 55.9% responded character. 144 or 36% responded the issues with the remainder responding that it did not matter or not responding to the question.

Analysis: only 36% of Ohio-2 voters care more about the issues than the character of the candidate. Very, very bad news for Jean Schmidt supporters, because once the Ohio Elections Commission publicly reprimands you (like they did Schmidt) for a “reckless disregard for truth” and making “false and misleading statements” there is little doubt left as to what your true character is.

Question 12. It has been reported that Jean Schmidt has misstated facts about her college education and about endorsements for her re-election campaign. Do you believe...

173 43.3% Simple mistakes with a logical explanation
111 27.8% She lied to help with her reelection
115 28.8% Neither/NS

Analysis: I lost my OEC case against Schmidt in 2006. However, my real victory came in the fact that the AP wire and virtually every news outlet in Ohio-2 ran the FACT that Schmidt had previously been reprimanded by the OEC. The reprimand came a few days before the election in 2006 and was a virtual non-factor. The above poll was conducted before the outcome of the OEC case as well. How many of the 43.3% that previously thought this was a “simple mistake” think that now?

Question 14. Would it make you vote for Jean Schmidt if you knew that she had wrongly stated that she had earned two college degrees when she had actually earned only one?

7 1.7% Much more likely
14 3.5% Somewhat more likely
96 24.1% Somewhat less likely
143 35.8% Much less likely
131 32.8% No difference
9 2.1% NS

Analysis: As I mentioned above people now KNOW Schmidt lied about her fake college degree. Look at the above results: 59.9% of those surveyed would be less likely to vote for Schmidt now that they know the truth.

So 55.9% of Ohio-2 voters consider character their top priority in selecting a candidate and 59.9% are less likely to vote for Schmidt now that they know the truth about her.

The deal is sealed for Tom Brinkman by the fact that Ohio-2’s most well known and well read Christian newspaper endorsed him recently.

Character does matter Jean, and you will find this out when conservatives vote you out of office on Tuesday.

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