Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Truth about Jean Schmidt

By Nate Noy

What keeps you up at night? People that know me would tell you it’s the thought of having the likes of Bob Ney or Rick Renzi “represent” me in Congress. Jean Schmidt has more than a few things in common with these disgraced Congressmen, the most important of which to me is that fact that they ALL are LIARS.

People have asked me: “why do you detest Jean Schmidt as you do?” Well, my pet peeve in life is lying, and Jean Schmidt may be the mother of all liars. I’m also not a big fan of corrupt politicians that only stand for the people that fund their campaigns. Jean Schmidt can NEVER be trusted and anyone that casts a vote for her is either too lazy to research the truth or a mindless part of the establishment.

I KNOW I’ll be able to sleep at night after I cast my vote for Tom Brinkman on March 4th, I just wonder how anyone that votes for Jean Schmidt will be able to do the same.

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