Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Liveblogging Part VI

By Rick Morris

Giants drive again but are forced to punt to the New England 11 yard line after a penalty on Ahmad Bradshaw for illegally swatting away a fumbled football.

Tom Brady now goes to work in the two-minute offense. They get nowhere after two plays. I could have sworn I just lip-read Steve Spagnuolo and he said, "How you like me now, Daniel Snyder?"

Scratch that, the Pats are off and running again, but it's a relatively nickle-and-dime type offense for being pinched on time. Randy Moss just had his first reception down to about the New York 40, but Brady just had the ball stripped and no phony "Tuck Rule" was able to save him here.

Ten second left and Eli's going to take one shot from midfield. Gilbride works his magic again as Manning throws incomplete to fumble-fingers Steve Smith at the 40 with five seconds left. Randy Moss comes in on defense, but they didn't need him. 7-3 New England at the half.

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