Wednesday, February 20, 2008


By Tony Mazur

You've seen and heard this word quite often, haven't you? I certainly have. Just as how minority groups despise racial epithets, I hate the word 'change'. I've developed quite a hatred for the word 'hope', too.

Barack Obama wants to pull the troops out of Iraq immediately. He also wants universal health care. That's a wonderful thought, but how are you going to do that? Obama is like a boss who promises great things for his company, but has no idea how to follow through with them. But he is running on the platform of "change", which is mind-boggling because he has not told us what he plans to change.

Folks, let's dissect Obama's "Change" platform. Remember when he wanted to be known for his political views and not the color of his skin? Well, what do you think "Change" stands for? When Obama says, "Our country needs a change", what he's really saying is "I'm tired of white men running this country. We need more black leaders, and I want to be the first black president of the United States."

If you log onto Obama's website, a photo shows the Obama family picnicking on the grass, with a caption reading "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN".

The problem is, he has hypnotized EVERYONE. So many people all of a sudden are interested in this election because of this man. But nobody knows why. I don't even know why.

Why has the media not called him out on this "Change" campaign? It just reeks of racism, but just because he's a black man, it's all right. Let's spin this around. Say a white man wants to become the head of the NAACP, an organization predominately run by African-Americans (no!). This white man goes to extreme lengths to pull all of the racial stops, saying that this organization needs a "change". This white man would be persecuted by the media, and late-night television hosts would make a fool of this gentleman. But the media is afraid of offending minorities and women. That's why there are so many white man bashing in commercials and TV programs.

Homework assignment, class. Ask that one friend and family member why he/she is voting for Barack Obama. Remember to jot down their answer in the Comments Page below. Chances are, the response you will get is, "Well, I think our country needs a change, and I think Obama can do it." In other words, "I'm voting for him because he's a black guy."

(As I type this post, a Barack Obama commercial flashed on my TV. Tell me he doesn't sound like Gomez Addams from The Addams Family.)

Tell a friend about this particular post because everyone else is afraid say anything for fear of being called a racist. All of my detractors are just a bunch of hypocrites. Who's playing the race card now?

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Rick Morris said...

A president who looks like Tayshaun Prince and sounds like Gomez Adams. I'd call that change :-)

Your column is very interesting. I didn't think Obama was making an explicit appeal to race, but I guess that shows how nebulous his words really are. I'll bet if you asked a million different people what "change" really means, you'd get a million different answers. And that's just how he wants it -- by the time everyone figures out the bunco game, he'll be practicing the Inaugural speech.