Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"How Do You Get Toothpaste Back in the Tube?"

By Tony Mazur

Earlier this month, I embedded a YouTube video on this very website featuring an irate Chris Berman, belittling the ESPN camera crew. Since then, a few more "Boomer" videos have been leaked to the Internet, unedited and all, which make me wonder how many behind-the-scenes videos have really been taped. Each video showed Berman spewing profanity after profanity, and one displayed him flirting with a female coworker.

At first, ESPN said "what's past is past" (since the videos dated back to 2000). Now all of a sudden, the clips have been removed from YouTube. If what's past is past, then why did ESPN order YouTube to take them off their site?

Just another instance of ESPN covering up their own rear ends. People still don't know why Harold Reynolds got canned. And Lord only knows how many sexual harassment lawsuits have been pinned against Mike Tirico (his newest lawsuit should be why he has a radio show). If you can find the Chris Berman videos, alert me and I will post them. I still cannot look at Boomer the same way.

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