Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Liveblogging Part X

By Rick Morris

The Pats go to punt on the first play of the fourth quarter and on that play, Chris Hanson could neither catch a predator nor keep the punt from going into the Giants' end zone.

For what it's worth, the Super Bowl ads have been lackluster on the whole. I look forward to seeing what the public consensus on the matter is tomorrow, but I am very underwhelmed by them.

Manning hits a huge 45-yard pass to Kevin Boss that puts the Giants down at the New England 35. It is imperative for New York to score here, preferably of course with a touchdown.

The camera just cut to Jeremy Shockey -- in a loge drinking a beer and not on the sidelines with his teammates. Classy.

Another big completion to Ahmad Bradshaw at the 12 clinches some points for the Giants on this drive minus a turnover. And then -- touchdown pass to David Tyree!!! My partner Jason Jones is right, we are going to witness history today -- and it may be a historic collapse by the Patriots!

That was a pretty good Coke commercial with Bill Frist and James Carville (who is one scary looking mofo).

2 comments: said...

yeah, that was a good ad. thought it was hilarious. Giants are going to win. I feel it.

Rick Morris said...

Great call! Even as the Giants were taking it to the Patriots for most of the game I still wasn't believing, but you were right.