Sunday, February 10, 2008

Toledo's mayor is a shameful pinko

By Rick Morris

You may perhaps think that headline is a bit over the top. You’d be wrong.

This assclown, who’s been a blight and an embarrassment on the people of the Glass City for decades now (with exploits ranging from baking his dog in an overheated car to ethics violations to calling a black public official “King Kong” to violating the First Amendment rights of local media) spit on our military when he unilaterally stepped in at the last minute to ban a Marine Reserve squad from conducting urban patrol exercises in the downtown area. His PR weasel said, “The mayor asked them to leave because they frighten people.” The cost to the taxpayers of this anti-American jerkwater’s decree? Ten large.

It seems that Mayor Saddam-lover does not know or care that urban training is a vital part of the skill nurturing our troops need to prepare for hostile environs such as Baghdad or, if idiots like him get his way, perhaps even Toledo itself. As the saying goes, it’s the land of the free because of the brave and I am deeply ashamed that the some of the very finest of our society were sneered at disdainfully by this putrid little nothing.

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