Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jean Schmidt endorsed by 2,144,597th most popular site on the Internet

By Nate Noy

For those of you that don’t know is the equivalent for ranking Internet traffic that the Nielsen ratings are for television.

Below are the current rankings for the sites that have covered the Ohio-2 primary: has a traffic rank of: 814,365 has a traffic rank of: 1,279,563 has a traffic rank of: 1,860,957 has a traffic rank of: 2,144,597

To the defense of Nixguy I believe he does blog at another site and he has pretty much stayed behind the scenes with his support of Jean Schmidt this time around.

Bill Sloat at has done a sound job reporting the truth about Jean Schmidt and encouraging voters to select the one true conservative candidate in this election Tom Brinkman.

Our blog of course has enjoyed much success due largely to the tireless efforts of Rick Morris and the other FDH Lounge Dignitaries who have been busy blogging about subjects other than my favorite topic: Jean Schmidt. (In fact, our ranking for the last week is up over 200,000 spots.)

That brings us of course to the site that currently is Jean Schmidt’s biggest fan: Matt Hurley at WMD. The one good thing I will say about Matt is that he is man enough to let me post on his blog without deleting my comments. Of course, some people may ask: why do I spend my time posting on a blog that is 1,330,232 spots behind us in the rankings? Well, my response is that I hope somewhere among the tumbleweeds that make up Matt’s audience is the occasional truth seeker.

I KNOW for a fact that my support of Tom Brinkman will bring him at least 298 votes this primary (that’s the number of people that actually wrote in my name in 2006 against Schmidt.) Since Matt does not even live in Ohio-2, and not many people read his blog anyway, I wonder what his impact for Schmidt will be?


Rick Morris said...

For the record, I don't have a problem with Nate writing whatever under his byline. It's clever and well-researched. But I'm not personally in the business of making fun of the rankings of other sites. Doubtless there are many sites with Alexa rankings better than this one that could make fun of us. So while I hope Nate keeps writing here for a long time to come, I want to see whatever responses directed at him instead of broadly at all of us. And hey, Nate loves controversy; he wouldn't have it any other way.


natenoy said...

Rick, hopefully by now everyone realizes that my comments are mine and mine alone and not affiliated with you and the other dignitaries or sponsors of the FDH Lounge show or blog.

That said, you make a good point that no one can stop me from sharing the truth. You know better than anyone that I have burnt more than my fair share of bridges over the years, but sometimes that is the price we have to pay to assure the truth be told.

Matt Hurley said...


Rick Morris said...

Scoreboard on what? I KNOW that's not a reference to what Nate pointed out about Alexa rankings.

What makes that comment even funnier was something that was observed by moi in our comments section back on March 5:

"... Take for example the (highly hypothetical) example of someone who would assiduously ignore your efforts on behalf of Tom Brinkman, a person who no doubt put fingers in the ears and screamed “I can’t hear you,” every time you posted something new about the race. Then imagine that same (highly hypothetical) person waiting until all the votes were counted before clowning you on his blog for getting your prediction wrong. I know, I know, nobody would do anything that ball-less, right? Hey, we’re just talking hypotheticals here. Imagine, again, a (highly hypothetical) person who wouldn’t stand in and debate the congressional race with you toe-to-toe in real time – snubbing a highly worthy charitable cause in the process – but who would, again, start going all "Neener Neener Neener" after the fact when all the votes were counted. Good thing we don’t know anybody like that, eh?

Nate, it’s better to get one election wrong and to be a real man than to have the opposite of both statements be true."

Yeah, not the pattern of conduct I'd actively be calling attention to, but that's just me.

Oh, and nice timely response on Nate's February 28 post. I look forward to reading your ripped-from-the-headlines response to the Japanese surrender in WWII.


Matt Hurley said...

You call me gutless? You're the guy who failed to provide me with the info to beclown your dancing fool on the air for charity...

Rick Morris said...

Goshdarn shame about that apparent delay in your Internet service that only allows you to see (or react to)something six weeks after it's been posted. Or maybe it took that long to fashion a response. No, at the risk of being overly charitable, you'd surely have done better than that if it were rolling around in your head for six weeks.

You had the basic information about the show and the hemming-and-hawing clearly was disingenuous. I took the hint. I had 14 hours to book and even with that, I'd have accommodated something last minute had there been any interest expressed on your part. Which there wasn't.

My interest in staging the debate was to do so before the primary so that people might benefit from a back-and-forth exchange, and, yeah, to use the controversy to help a good cause. While neither of these two possibilities is still on the table, I'll tell you what Nate has told me repeatedly: anytime, anyplace on the subject of Jean Schmidt, pro or con. If you want to come on and debate Nate, I'll reserve time to make it happen.

As they say in boxing, bring a good cut man.


Matt Hurley said...

Whatever, dude.

The delay was caused by my lack of interest in what you are covering here, not that I was a coward, which is what you have implied.

...and with that, I am done with you and your site.

Rick Morris said...

The lack of interest doesn't stop you from commenting, it just pushes back your reply time substantially? Wow. Incoherence at its finest.

As far as never responding here again, we won't hold you to promises you clearly can't keep (and no, responding on a delay of several weeks doesn't count as not replying at all). So here's an open invitation: any time, ANY TIME, you grow a pair and decide you want to square up against my associate Nate Noy on the subject of Congressman Jean Schmidt, I offer you a chance to be decimated by him on-air.

Or you can just keep trying for relevance in your little Southwest Ohio corner of the world taking cheap shots at Nate that he doesn't get a chance to answer. No biggie, your choice.