Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But don't call Michelle Obama unpatriotic!

By Rick Morris

Click here to be taken to video of Michelle Obama saying that her husband's campaign is making her proud of America for the first time in her adult life.

The mind fairly reels.

Too bad for Hillary that she can't take advantage of this -- calling somebody on being an America-hater doesn't get you any votes in Democratic primaries. If DNC Chairman Howard Dean were capable of the slightest bit of introspection, he might want to look at why that might be.


Tony Mazur said...

Why isn't anyone discussing this besides conservative talk show hosts? Is this, too, because of her skin color?

People, this woman could be your First Lady. If Hillary wasn't bad enough, we have to deal with this crazy broad.

Rick Morris said...

Good questions, Tony, and I think the unescapable conclusion is that no Democratic leaders care at all about this. Look at Hillary, she's throwing the kitchen sink at Obama right now and she won't even touch this. Everyone's internalized the lessons of the 1960s in the Democratic party: you pay no price for being an America hater, but you will get tarred as a closet Republican for being anti-America-hating. One of the Obama campaign offices down in Texas even has a friggin' Che picture hanging up in there! Kind of makes you wonder what Michelle Obama would have had to do to get condemnation from anywhere but the right wing -- like burning the flag? Would that have done it? I'm not sure one way or another and what a sad commentary on the fact that such a significant chunk of this country feels alienated from it and hostile to it.


Rick Morris said...

Oops! Meant to say "inescapable" conclusion in the above comment. Darn that "i" and "u" side-by-side on the keyboard!