Monday, February 18, 2008

My Hatred Toward Dennis Kucinich Supporters

By Tony Mazur

It's an election year in the United States of America. And in Cleveland, Ohio, many loud, yellow 'Dennis!' signs sprout in front yards across the metropolitan area. Some Kucinich supporters planted their signs as early as October 2007, 13 months before the election.

People LOVE Dennis Kucinich, and I haven't the foggiest idea as to why. And I'm not just talking about the college-aged burnouts who support him because he's all about legalizing marijuana. I'm also not talking about the gays who agree with his stance on same-sex marriage. I'm talking about suburban white couples, roughly between the ages of 45-80.

If you're outside the Cleveland area, Dennis Kucinich represents the 10th District of Ohio in the House of Representatives. His district includes most of the west side of Cleveland, as well as Parma, Cleveland's largest suburb, and Cuyahoga Heights.

Every two years, Cleveland-area citizens continue to vote for this guy. These are the people who forgot about Dennis's early political career. After Kucinich's time in the Cleveland City Council and as the clerk of the municipal court, he was elected Mayor in 1977. As usual in local government, the leader typically appoints friends and acquaintances, particularly around his/her same age. That's what Dennis Kucinich did. However, since Dennis was considered "The Boy Mayor" (he was 31 year old), his entire cabinet was made up of inexperienced peers.

I could rip on his mayoral history for hours, but you can just read it here.

Dennis has been elected to the House five times since his run in 1996, and it appears that he will win yet again.

Just like many Democrats, they rarely show up for their votes. Barack Obama does not. Do you think he has the time to campaign for the presidency AND show up for work? Of course not! The same goes for Dennis. He pretends to care about the needs of the citizens, and they fall for it hook, line, and sinker. If Kucinich really cared, he'd take a break from campaigning and hanging out with Sean Penn and start showing up for his votes. As Joe Cimperman, Dennis's opponent, stated in one of his campaign commercials, "It is not time for a part-time congressman."

I mentioned earlier that Dennis supporters come in different shapes and sizes. Or in this case, from the other side of the spectrum. Gays love him (they think he's adorable), stoners dig him, minority groups think he really cares about those in dire need of help, but most of all, the unions support him. A janitor at Ford will make a ridiculous amount of money, thanks to the Democrats. I believe in capitalism, but the salaries for low-level jobs are too high, causing factories to cease operation or move overseas. And who is there criticizing the outsourcing? The Democrats, of course.

My hatred for Kucinich supporters is comparable to my disdain towards Ron Paul fans. But the outcome is bittersweet. I get a kick out of the fact that Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich do not have a shot in Hell at moving into the White House, but instead we'll have some other pea-brain reciting the Oath of Office.

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