Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paul Byrd, you are no Pete Rose

By Rick Morris

By all accounts, there is much to like about Paul Byrd personally in terms of his positive lifestyle and his commitment to his teammates. He's been a career-long overachiever, relying on chutzpah and corner-painting to overcome his lack of any "stuff" whatsoever.

But the emergence of his name on the MLB list of HGH users was a disturbing one and if Byrd wants to continue to be viewed in the same good light he always has been, he owes it to the public to come clean beyond his inane excuse that he was doing nothing but treating a pituitary gland problem. However, it seems that he is disinclined to do so -- at least for free.

In a move reminiscent of Pete Rose's money grab confession in his book, PB is going to hold off on any further statements on the matter pending the release of his book "Free Byrd" at the MLB All-Star break (and may I note also as a huge Skynard mark from way back that I am offended by his appropriation of the greatest drunken sing-along anthem of all time for his tome). It was obnoxious enough when "Charlie Hustling The Spread" threw his weight around in true superstar fashion by making we the public pay to get the true story. It's another thing altogether to have a journeyman like Paul Byrd decide to exploit his newfound infamy to make a few more shekels. I say this as a lifelong Indians fan: Paul, reclaim your honor by coming clean and do so in the only manner legitimately available to you, for free.

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