Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Liveblogging-Early Impressions

by Jason Jones

I must preface the following by saying, I have never watched Super Tuesday or any other final 2 nominees' coverage as I am now. With the 9pm est polls closing in 7 minutes, I am attempting to make some logical sense, not political sense, of what seems to be in thus far.

John McCain-Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey (still in Alabama, Georgia, Montana)

Mittens Romney-Massachusetts (still in Montana)

Mike Huckabee-West Virginia (still in Georgia)

Barack Obama-Georgia, Illinois (still in Alabama, Connecticut, Tennessee [the gap here has been narrowing])

Hillary Clinton-New York, Massachusetts, Oklahoma (still in Alabama, Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee)

Democratic states too close to call at the moment: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey, and Arizona. At last check, I am pretty sure, unless the tide completely turns, that New Jersey will end up being a state for Clinton. Right now, the big hub-bub seems to be over New Jersey. It is a winner-take-all on delegates. Fox News is reporting that the Clinton camp believes it is all but locked up. Barack Obama was just declared the winner in Delaware with approximately 50%. Apparently, Obama is also winning and separating in Connecticut. Currently with 27% in, Obama is leading Clinton 51% to 47%. As far as Obama is concerned, Illinois and Delaware are not that much of a surprise. Georgia and potentially Connecticut would greatly surprise me.

The question that keeps coming up lately on the Republican side is, “who does Huckabee’s moderate success benefit?” Initially, most of these talking heads claimed it would support Mittens (which was the earliest disappointment for me). The move to almost punt West Virginia on McCain’s part in conjunction with other factors could swing in McCain’s favor by nights end.

Arkansas goes to Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee.

New Jersey does indeed go to Clinton.

As I sit watching this unfold, the key motivation remains the same.

1. McCain MUST SEPARATE from Mittens Romney.

2. Obama MUST REMAIN RELAVENT versus Hillary Clinton.

Clinton and Romney are bad for America. At this point, if the nominees are Barack Obama vs John McCain, I will feel as if America has dodged a bullet from the gun of inevitable demise. At that point I won’t even care who wins on the surface. Its more important that Clinton/Romney not be involved when this gets serious. We are on the cusp of a real moment. Like a promising young teenager poised to decide for or against drug use. On one hand, take the drugs and fall into a shell of itself (i.e. voting for Clinton/Romney) or on the other hand, just say no and ensure that said kid continues on a positive path (i.e. not voting for Clinton/Romney).

John McCain just won New York.

Romney crushing McCain in Arizona. ARIZONA! Guess he should’ve made more of a fuss on Illegal Immigration.

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